Gears of War 2 - We will peel a few Locust (Wildgames REview)

Wildgames: "Surely one of the most anticipated games this year, if not the greatest. Epic Games returns to the load with Gears of War 2, a sequel in which he seeks to improve, if anything, the overwhelming success it achieved with the first part . And all this has learned from past mistakes.

Gears of War 2 is a unique experience that offers so much fun in the campaign mode as in its many forms online, and it takes until the last cycle power of Xbox 360.

Epic Games has managed to polish up a game that already was masterful.Gears of War 2 offers a campaign mode to live up to expectations and mark their experience with an online mode varied, rich and fun. Mode Horde will be the sensation of Xbox Live."

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pp4033d ago

Awesome review just 3 days before i get my copy of a true next gen AAA Gears of War 2 made possible with the power of High Definition Xbox360 Console.

BLUR1114033d ago

Now this was a good review and talks about the one and only charm this game has.

sniper45344033d ago

resist the flop 2 is getting own lol

robotnik4032d ago

10/10 is way too much, a 9 is fine.

lowcarb4032d ago

That's the same thing i said about LBP. None of these games should be scoring perfect scores especially if we all know there not perfect. I will always and forever trust my own judgement anyways.

thereapersson4032d ago

This is a great game, but does anyone else think that perfect scores are being thrown around a bit too much this generation?

thor4032d ago

Yes and no.

I personally don't think MGS4 should have got nearly as many 10s as it did.
GTA4 definitely didn't deserve all those 10s.

There are quite a few games that didn't deserve 10s but they got them.

LBP probably does deserve a 10 IMO. But when you're throwing around 7s and 8s for average games, you've nowhere left to go for an awesome game.

The review system needs to be re-jigged and I blame metacritic. If your website wants to give a 5 to an average game that's going to upset the metacritic average. Anything less than 6 is usually considered a flop - whereas actually a 5/10 should be alright and could be quite fun. I don't know why 7 has become the average. Even if a game gets a 7 you have fanboys proclaiming "FLOP!!".

thereapersson4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Yeah, that makes sense. I guess that's why I think a 5 point scale is
better than a 10 point one. I remember back when I used to read OPM and PSM, both magazines would use a 5 point scale, and it would be really easy for me to figure out if a game was "average" or not.

I guess what I am saying here is that the internet has really spoiled people's opinions on games in general. Seriously, a 6 or 7 out of 10 used to be a decent score to many people, and a 10, or even a 9 was hard to achieve with many publications. I remember when I used to think 8 was a "buy" instead of a "rent".

A 4 / 5 is a great score, until you have idiot fanboys looking on Metacritic and seeing that it means less than 85 percent, and then automatically thinking that a game is a "flop", just as you said. It's really just all pathetic...

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The story is too old to be commented.