Gaming Nexus: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "It's nice to see that the Midnight Club series is starting to be taken seriously. For years it felt like Rockstar's racing franchise was either overshadowed by the fame of Grand Theft Auto or passed over for racing games with bigger names. But these days it feels like everybody is starting to come around to Midnight Club's unique style of racing, especially now that some of the other major racing franchises (such as Burnout and Need For Speed) have opted for an open-world race course. As a fan from the get-go, it's about time everybody else starts to realize how much fun the Midnight Club series really is.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles marks the fourth installment in a series that started its life at the exact same time as the PlayStation 2. Not only is this the first Midnight Club game in three years, but it's also the first "next-generation" sequel to appear on the Xbox 360 (or PlayStation 3, for that matter). Now that everybody from Burnout to Need For Speed have decided that an open-world race course is the way to go, this brand new Midnight Club game has a lot to prove. Thankfully it lives up to the task ... for the most part."

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