Most Gamers Shop Wal-Mart First

IGN's recent 'Are You Game?' study revealed that Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, is also king when it comes to videogame sales. Respondents to the survey picked Wal-Mart as the number one place they shop for games. GameStop and Best Buy share the second place spot, while Target came in third. After that there appears to be a considerable drop off as other retailers fight for the scraps of consumer attention.

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n4gzz4026d ago

haha. it might be true. I shop at walmart for games 'coz sometime they sell it early :D. Target is my second choice.

Genesis54026d ago

And the NPD doesn't use Wal-mart sales figures. I think they should start. With out Wal-mart the picture really is incomplete.

SaiyanFury4026d ago

I was hoping that Gamestop would sell Resistance 2 at midnight. I thought about getting it at Walmart, but then I remembered that I had already payed for my preorder in full for Resistance 2. I guess I'll have to wait an extra few hours. I don't even know if Walmart had a midnight launch for Resistance 2.

Tarasque4026d ago

Well you could have gotten a refund or traded it onto another game. Thats what i do...

big shadow4026d ago

Sometimes I buy games at wal-mart because my mom works there and I get a 10% discount

Bots Of A Feather Fl4026d ago

So that's why Xbots have no Ps3

INehalemEXI4026d ago

I mostly buy online, I went to wal mart to look for LBP last week they did not have it. GameCrazy did though. My girl wanted to check there first since she had some things to get. I was pretty sure the best bet would be GameCrazy.

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The story is too old to be commented.