PlayTM: Far Cry 2 Review

PlayTM writes: " The savannah winds rustle the long grasses around your knees, animals linger by the foliage, a dusty, pot-holled track stretches across the plain and into dense jungle at the periphery of your vision. Up ahead is a rag-tag shanty town, and through the scope on your rifle you can make out guards, dressed in uniforms of faded T-shirts, aggressively running a checkpoint. This isn't the first time you've had to deal with these guys, and it won't be the last; thankfully, the vista you're taking in, and the promise of further plot revelations up ahead, make this inconvenience worthwhile.

Far Cry 2, in case you hadn't realised already, isn't very much like its predecessor whatsoever, beyond the obvious appeal of an exotic setting and a hang-glider thrown in for old times sake. Gone are palm-fringed beaches, azure waters and monsters from outer space, instead Ubisoft have gone high-brow, dispensing with the package tourism to take us traveling properly - to a war-torn African state beset with civil strife."

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ThatCanadianGuy4026d ago

Good score! This game has such a grand theft auto feel..

Like drive alll the way to your objective..accept the mission..
Drive allllll the way to the guy,kill him,drive back.Do it all over again

And yet i can't stop playing it..
I guess just because the graphics are so gorgeous,it's hard not to want to play.