EA CEO: SWBFII Missteps Clouded an Otherwise Great Game, But Now There’s a Strong Player Sentiment

EA boss Andrew Wilson said that the missteps Star Wars Battlefront II had at launch on progression and monetization clouded an otherwise great game at launch, though players love it now after the updates improved it a lot.

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KaiPow49d ago

The player base has definitely bounced back with the last few patches

aconnellan48d ago

Don’t know why you’re getting disagrees, they came out and said the playerbase recently hit the same numbers as launch week didn’t they?

FantasticBoss48d ago

I'm still hesitant to give them money for it, but I'm glad to have been hearing that the game is in a much better state than before. I still have issues with some of the games overall design though. Maybe if it goes on sale again I'll give it a shot.

Chris_Wray49d ago

It wasn't a great game though, that's the problem. It was a trimmed back title, missing content, pushed out with the "missteps" of abhorrent anti-consumer monetisation and play-to-win loot boxes.

As for now, well I couldn't honestly say. Maybe the bounce back shows quality in the title, but I won't be playing it.

ccgr49d ago

Haven't played this one yet

Alexious49d ago

It should be super cheap nowadays.

Gahl1k48d ago

5€ if you wait for a sale.

XiNatsuDragnel49d ago

The player base did come back, but it doesn't justify the p2w lootbox BS. Clouded a good game yes, but disgusting implementation of such tactics is not a very good excuse.

Relientk7749d ago

Great game lol. it was medicore at best.

TekoIie48d ago

Nah, the starfighter assault mode was done well. I prefer Battlefront 1s gameplay for the ground combat though because it was far simpler and the walker assault mode was leaps and bounds better than the launch modes for BF2 and felt so much more like Star Wars.

But of course everyone wanted to have their super competitive skill based shooter as though there already wasn't tons of them on the market and DICE caved.

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