Rumors of the Death of Physical Video Games Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Variety's Matt Paprocki reports: "The record labels still make CDs and the movie studios still make DVDs, so yes, I’d say it’s too soon to abandon discs for consoles,” writes Michael Pachter, managing director at Wedbush Securities when asked about Microsoft’s plans to drop a physical disc drive from their latest Xbox One model. The all-digital Xbox One is the first major console not to include an option for physical media.

“I suppose it’s up to the console manufacturers, but my guess is that the video game publishers would push back if discs were dropped. The majority of sales are still on disc, so it’s not even a close call,” Pachter continues.

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UltraNova46d ago

Of course the notion of physical dying was greatly exaggerated, mainly by those who stand to gain the most out of it.

A fair assessment by Variety here. There will always be people who buy physical. Even Vinyl has seen a resurgence lately. It all comes down
to choice.

kohox46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

This is such a silly argument, if physical gets relegated to limited releases the way Vinyl has is it fair to say physical is still alive?

When people talk about physical they mean the majority of big titles being released in that format. But as time goes on we have seen that the biggest publishers have moved more and more to digital only releases. It's naive to think these companies stopped wanting to eliminate competition from resale and overstock and simply all the logistical costs of getting disks on shelves. Just think how many people they could fire to maximize profit if retail was eliminated.... I can see the drool on their cooperate faces at the mere thought of that.

And this is Pachter... so obviously the opposite of what he says is true...

This whole article is just trying to deflect from the bad press Microsoft is receiving for it's SAD console.

UltraNova46d ago

You missed my point entirely. I did not compare physical media gaming or otherwise with Vinyl's current state. I've mentioned it as an example that physical media, no matter how old or how seemingly obselete they are thought to be can still survive in some capacity even when a group needs them to die for their own gain e.g digital proponents.

As for Pachter, notice I did not even mention him.

kohox46d ago

I wasn't even replying to whatever your point is.

I was making a counter argument.

No one can say that if physical gets to the point where it's only things like Limited Run games making physical disks of digital games much like Vinyl is very small runs of things that primarily are based in digital format that physical isn't dead.

When most people say physical is dead or dying they don't mean there is 0% physical media being made anywhere in the world. They simply mean that large publishers stop supplying disks to retail. Which still is the direction certain publishers still are pursuing. These are the same publishers that were complaining about used sales and putting things like online unlock codes in boxes to limit resale value ect. Those publishers might not talk about wanting to eliminate used sales anymore but that doesn't mean they have forgotten.

Oathbreaker46d ago

Exaggerating is what gamers do. They did the same thing with single-player games. There's always this fabricated threat of something dying.

chiefJohn11746d ago

Trust me gamers exaggerate about everything death to physical? You got people believing death to consoles! lol

_LarZen_46d ago

Physical media be it music,movies or games will be around for many years to come. But digital will in a near future be what’s most buy. Statistics year by year confirms this.

Teflon0246d ago

Rumour!? Lol
More like myth. No one actually believes that til it happens

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