Far Cry 2 freezing up on 360

Playing through Far Cry 2 and it just freezed up on me at 62%. I kept trying to reboot and load again but it doesn't let me. So i went to the different forums to see if anyone else has experienced this problem and it appears many people have.
And for anyone that is playing Far Cry 2, to get to 62% is putting in over 25 hours a game time. you have been warned!

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Maxned5510d ago

You know what else is a shame? Pretty much all third party games that are on the 360 and ps3, and the ps3 version sucks ass. Kinda like Fallout 3, Bioshock and Orange Box.

ThatCanadianGuy5510d ago

Ouch! Looks like i touched a sensitive subject.Let me guess.it froze on you?

No wait,you got RROD??

Or,or,or you got a "Disc read error"?? That happend to me when i bought mass effect..don't worry i feel you're pain :(

Or did it just straight up scratch the disc? Sucks when that happens.
Oh well! Glad i have to a PS3 :)
Don't have to worry about those problems!

Maxned5510d ago

1. Ive had my 360 since launch. No RROD.
2. I dont even own Far Cry 2.
3. You are avoiding my point. Stop failing.

ThatCanadianGuy5510d ago

Whats your point?

That a few ports from 360 run slighty worse on PS3?
yeah,cool i gotcha.Atleast i can actually PLAY those games.

While you have to wait weeks at a time for console to come back from repairs.

"1. Ive had my 360 since launch. No RROD.
2. I dont even own Far Cry 2.
3. You are avoiding my point. Stop failing."

1-bullsh!t.Im on my 2nd 360 and i hardly ever played them
So you as a 360 fanboy have gotta be atleast on your 2nd.

how am i suppose to know? You won't even show your gamertag on a site called news 4 gamers.You obviously got something to hide..

3-I fully acknowledge your point.But just laugh at it.
A pixel of a difference here and there is nothing compared to the horrid issues of xbox360.

White-Sharingan5510d ago

"1. Ive had my 360 since launch. No RROD"

lol stop kidding yourself; Im on my 3rd 360 and I barely use it

so I call this bullshit

I bet you dont even have a 360; where is your gamertag?

morganfell5510d ago

Woohoo, I got you beat. I am on my 4th 360. This thing was designed by flying monkeys and marketed by pigs from space.

NaiNaiNai5510d ago

just over a year on mine and its working fine. XD you guys just have really bad luck

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OrganicMachine5510d ago

I bet you gusy saying "I got my x360 at lauch" spent the extra bucks and got the air cooler attachment for your xbox360

NaiNaiNai5510d ago

yea thats would be real smart.
A. it doesn't even help. it actually makes it worse.
b. voids warrently, not first party attachment.

Keele5509d ago

It's hillarious how he came to the conclusion that because his xbox broke down (I call bullshit too) and hes on his second one that everyone else is on their second one too.

ultimolu5509d ago

Damn, relax dude...O_O
No need to gang up on PS3 fans.
And just because you never had the RROD, doesn't mean it never existed. -__-

Socom5509d ago

The PS3 offers more value for money, more functionality, more and better games and Blu Ray.

I see no reason EVER to purchase an inferior console that might also RROD on you.

The way I see it, only poor people who cant afford PS3 might want to go to 360 as a substitute.

Keele5509d ago

And the way I see it, you're retarded.

Shane Kim5509d ago

I agree with socom, why would you want to but a downgraded PC? I mean almost all the games worth playing on xbox is either on PS3 or PC.
Gears is on PC and Gears 2 will be heading that way soon enough.
Halo 3 will probably end up on PC (even thou the game sucks big time)
Mass Effect isn't even worth mentioning. And those so called RPG's on xbox are all flops. (Except for Tales)

Conclusion: No sh!tbox needed.

Keele5509d ago

The same goes for Ps3.

Why buy a Ps3 when the only thing the Ps3 has are some minor exclusives you won't care to miss on your new PC. Your PC has much more games/online games/mmos etc and can do ALOT more things.

So, whats the point in you buying the Ps3?


Unless ofcourse you want to buy yourself a stand-alone bluray player in which you can obviously have on your comp also.

By the way, your post reeks of level 1 fanboyism, fix it.

morganfell5509d ago

Yeah MGS4 is on the PC. Yeah LBP is on the PC. Yeah R2 is on the PC. Yeah Killzone 2 will be on the PC. Yeah MAG will be PC.

Do I need to say it? Apparently. You are a certifiable imbecile.

morganfell5509d ago (Edited 5509d ago )

I need to amend my comments above. Keele PM'ed me and after careful consideration I have decided he is not an imbecile. Seriously.

To call him that would be an insult to imbeciles the world over.

No, they are going to have to invent an entirely new class of ignorance for this clown.

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tatotiburon5510d ago

hope the patch come very soon

Elvfam5115509d ago (Edited 5509d ago )

Can I start Saying Patch three fix me

FCC5509d ago

Not yet, not until they put out a patch.

So until then, Patchstation 3

kwicksandz5509d ago

Lets ignore the story about fallout 3 crashing every time you get a PSN message and give this one 1000 Degrees!

JoySticksFTW5509d ago (Edited 5509d ago )


Don't worry 360 fanboys. you still have the PS3's horribly debilitating one second game freeze in Fallout 3 to keep you warm tonight. ;)


Oh and you have that whimsical, magical, fanciful, charming, LBP-killer Boku also :D

TheFreak5509d ago

Fallout 3 does not crash everytime you get a psn message it only freezes up for about 5 sec then you can keep playing. That is what happens to me anyway.

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tatsujin5510d ago (Edited 5510d ago )

even with the downgraded version, the 360 cannot handle the game.



BTW, for the record, "every" xbot fanboy will claim "i owned it since launch, NEVER RROD!" ... yea okay, i'm sure you got the RRoD sometime. quit trying to be something when you're playing that limited hardware/capacity system ... what was it called again? ... CRAP BOX 3FIX ME.

n4gzz5510d ago (Edited 5510d ago )

I got RROD couple times but MS customer service is excellent. They fixed my 360 free and top of that shipping was free too. But, I get scared to turn it on. I am saving it to play gears2. After that I don't care.

Johnny Rotten5510d ago (Edited 5510d ago )

I just got my forth box in the mail a couple days ago. I never had the RROD but my first system's graphics card fried 3 weeks after launch day, my second and third one which only had 40hrs on it btw both had the disk drive crap out on me.

Get this... the one I got back a couple of days ago and it has a manufacturing date of 2006 WTF? how long is this one gonna last? I didn't even get one with an HDMI output. damn you :(