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KickSpinFilter1116d ago

1. Lack of highly exclusive games this generation on XB1, has been the super depressing video game story this gen.
2. Anthem is another,
3. WiiU,
4. XB1 will not work without Kinect lie,
5. XB1SAD Edition,
6. Crackdown 3,
7. Street Fighter V,
8. Sea of Thieves,
9. No Man Sky, (although apparently good now)

1114d ago
AK911116d ago

MGS4 should replace 3 a lot of characters both hero and villain die permanently in that game, also including a lot of people from MGS3.

TWD season 2 should also be replaced with season 1 nothing telltale has done has broken me since the final section with Lee and Clementine (“keep that hair short” ☹️)