KickSpinFilter1751d ago

1. Lack of highly exclusive games this generation on XB1, has been the super depressing video game story this gen.
2. Anthem is another,
3. WiiU,
4. XB1 will not work without Kinect lie,
5. XB1SAD Edition,
6. Crackdown 3,
7. Street Fighter V,
8. Sea of Thieves,
9. No Man Sky, (although apparently good now)

1749d ago
AK911751d ago

MGS4 should replace 3 a lot of characters both hero and villain die permanently in that game, also including a lot of people from MGS3.

TWD season 2 should also be replaced with season 1 nothing telltale has done has broken me since the final section with Lee and Clementine (“keep that hair short” ☹️)


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The Last Of Us Series Has Remarkable Potential For Spin-Offs

Najam from eXputer writes "It's time fore a new installment in the series, not another pointless remaster."

anast19d ago

They are working on something new. Not to be rude but it is impossibility stupid to think ND next major announcement is going to be a remaster or their next Last of Us entry is going to be another remaster.

AlterRecs16d ago

I think this is in response to them releasing a remaster for the sequel, a game that didn't need a remaster.

Basically a "why did you put out a remaster no one asked for when you have all there options available"

anast16d ago

They remaster is to put out something quick while they are deving new stuff. I don't get how people can be so static.

AlterRecs15d ago

There's no news about a third game being in production, you're just assuming that they're working on something that they aren't

anast15d ago

When they release the news to start the hype-train, you can give me my props then.

DrDoomer19d ago

I want an alternate timeline spin-off, where part 2 never happened.

CrimsonWing6919d ago

They’ve already done Remasters of 1 and 2… what else is there to Remaster?

AlterRecs16d ago

Considering they remastered the first game twice, who knows lol

CrimsonWing6916d ago

That was a Remake. I guess they could do that to 2, but man…. They should wait a couple generations so it can look like a major upgrade.


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