UK Charts: In quiet release week, top ten still led by Days Gone, Mortal Kombat 11

Despite 60% sales drop week-over-week, Days Gone leads UK retail again as top four titles retain positions

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_SilverHawk_1600d ago

Well deserved because it's a good game

TGGJustin1600d ago

Days Gone doing very well. Great to see.

Thundercat771600d ago

Days Gone doing way better than some reviews gave credit for. People vote with their wallets.

Hardiman1600d ago

Regardless of the negativity thrown at Days Gone, it continues to sell and sell well! Funny thing is though the narrative that's been spun would have you believe everyone was just shitting on it but there's far more positive and neutral than negative. Bravo Bend because I'm having a fuc*ing blast playing through this incredibly detailed game!

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sushimama1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

On a Sony accolades trailer the upvotes are massively in the Majority. If people were not happy with the game, they would have downvoted in droves. That is just not the case. All the top comments are people saying how much they are enjoying the game. If it was bad, this just would not be happening.

CP_Company1599d ago

still not approved? too positive for PS4 game? too positive for Days Gone?

1599d ago
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Most Detailed Video Games

These are some of the most detailed video games available now. The games contain details regarding the plot or mind-blowing visual effects.

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Hereandthere76d ago

4 PlayStation exclusives, rdr2 and gta 4 and 5. Not one xbox made game.

zachyBROosevelt76d ago

What Xbox game should be on there?

Flewid63875d ago

Quantum Break and Ryse Son of Rome. They're the only 2 Microsoft games I ever enjoyed, probably because they felt like PlayStation games.


What Xbox games are missing?

What Xbox games would even be candidates? The OG Xbox version of Chaos Theory?

SullysCigar75d ago

None - I took that as his point. There aren't any xbox games that are contenders for this list.

Abnor_Mal75d ago

“Not one ‘Xbox made’ game.”


Yet people are throwing out games made by third parties that are exclusive to Xbox, which isn’t what the question asked.


A simulator that was built for PC first hardly counts….