World War Z Review: The Left 4 Dead 3 Valve Refuses To Make - Coin-Drop

If you are a Left 4 Dead fan and have been waiting on Valve to make the third iteration, you no longer have to wait because World War Z more than fills the void Valve is too stubborn to.

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Phi395821673d ago

It is good mindless fun but no LFD3. I'm a bit bored after 10 hours of play, wouldn't have happened with a LFD title

Spenok1673d ago

I disagree that it wouldn't get boring on L4D. L4D has much less content/options and depth to it than WWZ has. L4D has the mod community behind it which helps keep it alive, but comparing the base games, WWZ has more content no question.

MadMax1673d ago

Kinda over the game already. Gets stale very quick and not many maps. Playing the same maps and shooting the same shit over and over gets old fast. Returning it


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CCG writes - "The game takes inspiration from both the 2006 novel and the 2013 movie but isn’t heavily based on either property. It starts off rather simple with not even an intro cinematic. It throws you right into the menu where you can select between the campaign, multiplayer, gallery collection, and settings. WWZ 2019 is fairly light on the story and most of the lore can be outright ignored. The experience focuses greatly on the gameplay as it expects you to jump right in."

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