New Ghost Recon Reveal Confirmed - Coming May 9th

Over the weekend Ubisoft teased fans with a new website based around the fictional technology company, Skell Tech. Found in Wildlands, it appeared that Ubisoft was gearing up for something in the Ghost Recon universe. The company has since confirmed that we can expect a full reveal for something Ghost Recon related this week. Possibly a new title?

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SourtreeDing1901d ago

isnt the Playstation direct May 9th as well?

greyrolando1901d ago

yea it is... maybe Sony will show this during their event

LeeFender1901d ago

New title will be shown but it was confirmed to be First Party title from World Wide Studios. A 3rd party title is getting a re-reveal after being announced a long time ago. So, thankfully Ghost Recon won't be part of State of Play, this is a whole separate thing.

CarlosX3601901d ago

I was thinking the same.

badz1491899d ago

please don't call it as "Playstation Direct"

LostinthePANIC1900d ago

I would love this! Hopefully more like GRAW2. Future Soldier was garbage.

PhantomS421900d ago

Hoping they go more classic Ghost Recon this time.
We need a Rainbow Six with a story.
Bring back Splinter Cell!!!

CDbiggen1900d ago

I loved Wildlands but probably because it was less like a classic GR game. But still looking forward to see what this is.

AK911900d ago

Dang was kinda hoping we get another Splinter Cell game first.

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Multiplayer Game BattleCat Features The Division, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon Characters

From GameWatcher: "Ubisoft is working on a multiplayer PvP game named BattleCat that brings together The Division, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon characters, according to a recent leak.

BattleCat is very likely an internal codename used for the project that includes members of Splinter Cell's Echelon, Ghost Recon's Wolves, alongside The Division's Cleaners and Outcasts as playable characters."

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RaidenBlack1138d ago

... and who asked for this?
My mobile didn't.

SavageFlamingo1137d ago

BattleCat. Damn it. I wanted a game based around an actual battle cat.

CrimsonWing691137d ago

Why does Ubi shake Splinter Cell in fans' faces only to put it in sh*t we never wanted?

1135d ago

Major Ghost Recon Breakpoint Update Introduces Ghost Experience

Title Update 2.0 also includes community requested features.

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Zjet1596d ago

And no offline support that 30% of the community wanted.

No offline = no buy

InUrFoxHole1595d ago

Lol. I shall. Then I can play ghost

lazyboyblue1596d ago

Have they added AI team mates yet?

XbladeTeddy1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

No, which is what I'm waiting for. It's not Ghost Recon without an AI team around fighting with you, even if they do suck.

edit: If you watch the trailer for the new mode it hints at the end that AI team mates are coming with 4 guys standing together.