Can You Run It? Left 4 Dead Will Work On Your Tablet Laptop!

GameXtract writes "Left 4 Dead is valve's latest creation, and the best part is that my tablet Dell Latitude XI will in fact be able to tackle zombie madness this November 17th when it hit shelves for the PC, and Xbox360. As usual we often like to notify users when they are able to see if they can run various games on their computers. While a list of requirements specifications are all that are needed for the average PC gamer, there are a few out their that do not have the slightest bit of information on what kind of computer parts lie behind the casing. Can You Run It has just updated their system with Left 4 Dead, and its as simple as selecting the option, and allowing it to do all the work for you, but chances are that if my tablet laptop can handle zombie madness chances are yours can too. Find out below if you can run it!"

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