Sony patents VR gyroscopic chair posture control system

The Sony patent describes a system that changes the player's orientation as they play VR games.

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crazyCoconuts71d ago

Lol. See if my wife approves this addition to the living room.

ILostMyMind71d ago

If she approves, call some friends to play with you.

Sono42171d ago

this is... interesting... think I need to actually see it in use.

Eonjay71d ago

This is obviously too awesome to be a real thing.

kneon71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Not really, this has been kicking around for a couple of years already

Maybe they will even ship it one day

rainslacker71d ago

That's why I had a game room at my old house. Might get around to doing it in my new house one day. Was going to put in a racing chair, but life took me somewhere else.

THC CELL71d ago

You sound like your under a very fat thumb lol
I'd build a man cave

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Neonridr71d ago

very Lawnmower Man like..

ButtAnihilator71d ago

I wonder if it's gonna come with the ps5 (and the special hot sauce that lisa su promised).

ILostMyMind71d ago

Cool! I hope we will get some good VR arcade games soon.

Dom_Estos71d ago

Most likely for cinema or arcades. That's if it even comes to fruition.

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The story is too old to be commented.