Original Xbox emulator lands on the Nintendo Switch, under Linux.

A dedicated fan has succesfully ported an orignial Xbox emulator on to the Nintendo Switch, running under Linux.

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CarlosX36078d ago

THAT takes A LOT of dedication right there.

Eonjay76d ago

Now, if they can do that they can do a PS2 emulator.. maybe?

TheHan77d ago

This will so bite them in the ass

TheHan73d ago

Apparently none of you can see why this would be a problem for Xbox? Especially if they really are bringing the Xbox live to Nintendo. Playing old Xbox games without using Microsoft’s services is a hit on them.

Orionsangel77d ago

There isn't even a good Xbox emulator on Windows and Switch gets one?

Smitty202077d ago

Emulation is running really bad but it’s a step forward I guess

Sgt_Slaughter76d ago

It's on Linux already so after that it's simple to get it working on Switch through Linux.

No one has a good Xbox emulator yet, it's so far away from decent for everyone.

Imortus_san76d ago

A The last mame work flaless, that all that matters.