Could Sony secure PS5 exclusivity for an AMD Navi APU?

AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, has once more been talking about the work its semi-custom division has been doing with Sony to get the Zen 2 processors, and the upcoming AMD Navi silicon, working for the needs of the PS5.

But just how much influence has Sony had on AMD’s next-gen graphics architecture? And if the answer is ‘a lot’ does that mean it has any call on hardware exclusivity, potentially shutting Microsoft out of a Navi-based APU?

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UltraNova1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

The answer is no. Only custom design choices build around Navi will be console "exclusive", the GPU architecture wont and both will come equipped with a Navi/ Ryzen SoC.

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Zeke681871d ago

I don't know anything like the rest here on N4G but as 99% off this article is now proven a fact by Mark Cerny and the latest reports from AMD:

What say the statement "Which brings us to, in my eyes, the more interesting revelation. According to my sources, Navi isn’t just inside the Sony PS5; it was created for Sony" isn't true? I just want to throw that into the discussion.
So your firm no might be wrong, I think it could very well be a Sony console exclusive and "normal" Navi for PC.
I base that on that rumour about 1-2 years ago that Sony pushed in 6-800 millions of dollars into the Navi development. Could just be their "special sauce" but it seems unlikely.
Exciting times anyway. I guess we have to keep on guessing for a little while longer.

sprinterboy1871d ago

The custom navi chipset was designed for Sony not navi, just like Microsoft will have a custom built navi chipset from AMD

Zeke681871d ago

Could very well be true, but even if so, it will be interesting to see the difference and if Phil spencer gonna have to eat crow on his promise "always have the best hardware from now on".
For me personally nothing of that really matters. I have already pre-ordered a PS5 that will ship on the EU release day. I know Sony delivers, they have made me a happy customer since my first PS1 back at 1996.

UltraNova1871d ago

You did not realize that you basically agreed with me. What's stopping MS from equipping their next xbox with an off the shelf but custom "Normal PC" Navi GPU?

bouzebbal1871d ago

Don't care, as long as I get console exclusive games

OB1Biker1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

That old rumour was misleading though. First thing I thought at the time is the guy is talking about playstation because thats the info he knows about. There was nothing saying Ms wasnt doing something similar with a custom chip based on Navi too.

Tigerblud1871d ago

How do you already have the PS5 pre ordered?

nismo3701870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

"I have already pre-ordered a PS5 "

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Ju1871d ago

It amazes me that despite 0 news on what MS does, the peoples of the internet know exactly what MS will be doing. Obviously the "Me too" rumors after every Sony "news" must carry more wait then the rumors itself.

First, MS did a full custom design "inhouse" with the XBOX, their chip has some severe extensions on the CPU side of things. But the GPU is off the shelve. To suggest MS going with a Navi/Zen APU is just speculation.

Second, the PS5 chip might not be a pure APU. By the looks of it, it won't. It will most likely have a 16GB DDR + 8GB HBM in what I'd call a hybrid configuration (under one memory controller). Same what the Pro already does with an added 1GB DDR. While not much talked about, this is the most feasible explanation how Sony gets to 24GB of memory and how they address bandwidth limitations in there current APU design. That might well be that "special sauce" if anything at all.

It is very interesting, that Navi has not been mentioned outside of Sony's endeavor. Even Google's stadia is using a stock 13Tf Vegas GPU. MS might not show anything at this E3, what then? They won't release anything before end of 2020, and might as well hold that big announcement back for next year. And who knows, might skip Navi, use some Vega cores or even go to the next iteration. First they have to sell XBOXs to at least recover some cost on that one. You can spin everything into any direction based on non-facts we have today.

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cd11870d ago

I cant see PS5 having 24GB of RAM or using HBM2 - 16GB of GDDR6 sound more likely to me.

Shikoku1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Or all of you and everyone on the internet is taking a phase used by AMD's CEO putting it n a context it was never meant and "special sauce" just means their games and how they produce awesome content.

Shane Kim1870d ago

No problem, just let me know if I can be of more service.

Profchaos1871d ago

Highly unlikely given how much money they would lose by not selling to both

Zeke681871d ago

Couldn't they just make another chip for M$?

blacktiger1871d ago

cause everything is cheap right :p, this is a billions of dollar research

GameBoyColor1871d ago

No there gpu division doesn't make much and they keep flopping on gpu releases. Making a whole new chip is out of the question, but if you are talking about modifying the current one that is exactly what they will be doing for both companies.

PhoenixUp1871d ago

What doesn’t AMD have to gain by going exclusive?

MajorLazer1871d ago

They won't gain more money for one

Ju1871d ago

Its all about money. Really depends who contributed to the bottom line the last couple of years...

PhoenixUp1870d ago

I meant to type “does” but spellcheck fucked up

Gridknac1871d ago

Well if Sony worked closely with AMD developing a special Navi variant just for the PS5, then possibly that specific variant would be exclusive. I don't think that it really matters though, as I would think MS will have its own blueprint for a customized version of the chip.

PhoenixUp1871d ago

Just like how Xbox 360’s Xenon had a chipset based on PlayStation 3’s Cell processor

babadivad1871d ago

IBM made the PPEs in the Cell(the main processor) and sold a tri-core variant ti Microsoft for their console.

Ju1871d ago

It was Sony contracting IBM to built that chip. Read this: https://www.amazon.com/Race...
And yet, IBM sold the same design to MS...money rules.

cabbitwithscissors1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

It does matter actually. One of the main reasons why IBM lost out for the PS4 architecture was due to the fact that they shared some of the technology derived from the Cell Processor Architecture (which was then used to come up with new technology that GPUs are today based on) to come up with the Xbox 360 Xenon architecture. Sony, Toshiba and IBM spent billions on coming up with that and Microsoft came along and took the results and sped up with the success that Xbox became until Sony took over the market after a number of years.

Rest assured that the new contract with AMD would have clauses protecting against these. No sharing of information and technology derived for the Playstation. Microsoft will have to come up with their own architecture basing on their best guess of what the PS5 would have, and they will have access to AMD's vault of technology, everything except what they are working with, with Sony.