Top 4 game announcements we absolutely need at this year's E3 2019

E3 2019 is just right around the corner. Here are 4 game announcement we absolutely need to see at this year's gaming trade show.

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Orbilator1496d ago

Really! Harry Potter game lol, i dont think it's that important. Dishonored 3 will need to be much improved from 2 as that game ruined the franchise for me. Resident evil 8 can't say its a game I'm desperate for.. I want lau ch dates for last of us 2 ( I know there's no Sony so that's out). I'm not really sure there's much games that I'm waiting for that haven't already been announced and dated. Borderlands 3, rage 2 etc.

Smokehouse1496d ago

I will probably buy all of those.

Thundercat771496d ago

Bloodborne 2
Resident Evil 3 remake.
Resident Evil 8.
Horizon Zero Dawn 2
Nioh 2 gameplay.

That_Guy2441496d ago

Aside from RE3:Remake I really dont care for any of them on the list. Main thing I'm hoping for is a solid release date for Cyberpunk2077.