Difficulty vs Sensory: Autism in Gaming

While reflecting on the “Designing for Disability” study by the YouTube Channel ‘Game Maker’s Toolkit’, created by Mark Brown, a thought struck Will.

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dogidoga_10044d ago

That is the issue with autism being such a wide spectrum, if they couldn't get being deaf right then what chance do they have with something that has many different things that can affect people differently?
I think having NPC's show signs of autism would be a lot easier to do than having the main character show it.

CobraKai43d ago

I know a gamer on the spectrum. She has to tone down colors and turn up the brightness to the tv since it causes visual sensory sensitivity and sometimes audio can be “too loud” if she’s stressed out and decibel levels are quite low.

Reibooi43d ago

My nephew is also on the spectrum and his issues with games are mostly via sound. I remember showing him Shantae Half Genie Hero and though he liked it his first question was if there was a way to completely turn off the music as it just made him uncomfortable. It's a hard issue to pin down as some games the soundtrack gives him no issues and others cause him great stress and discomfort. We know it's something to look out for but we still haven't figured out a pattern yet.

81BX43d ago

Have you tried introducing the same patterns in small increments at a lower volume.

Sciurus_vulgaris43d ago

Autism follows a wide spectrum. People with high functioning autism or Aspergers may not be negatively affected by their disorder when it comes to playing video games. I know autistic individuals who excel at video games including Doom (which was mentioned in the article). However, the high functioning autistics and Aspergers individuals that I know tend to aggressively tune-out the surrounding world when they game.

jerethdagryphon43d ago

As an autistic myself I can agree with all these points I play with very low sound and high bright Ness and tend to play games that allow my slow methodical method to play or are fairly linier