Street Fighter Podcast #10 - Bobino Talks Rufus Strategy

Up and coming Rufus player, Bobino, talks Street Fighter 4 and Rufus strategy, tips and tricks. He's also a Tekken player so we talk about his experiences transitioning from Tekken to Street Fighter 4. Enjoy!

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Tacki4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Awesome! I can't get enough of this show. Will try to subscribe through itunes as soon as I get another laptop. Mine, uh... bit the dust. I actually went back and listened to every podcast though. At least every one since they were switched over to Man, I soooo wish there was an arcade nearby that had Street Fighter IV. Being that I live in Florida I think the closet place with cabinets is like... Alabama. Yeah, what probably would be a 6 hour drive or something is a bit much. lol

So this is basically the closest I can get to actually playing Street Fighter IV at the moment. Nothing beats hands on time, but any knowledge of the game can help you when you finally do get your chance to play. I'll definitely give all the characters a go when picking my 'main'... but I find it interesting watching videos and kinda getting an idea of each character's strengths and which styles of play work well with them. If I were to pick the one that interests me most at this point... I'd probably say Sakura. Granted I haven't seen a ton of videos on her, but I just really like what I have seen. Who knows though.... maybe after seeing Gen, Gouken, Cammy, Dan, Fei Long, or others we've seen very little of at this point, I'll change my mind. I do kind of naturally gravitate towards Fei Long due to the fact that I'm a big Bruce Lee fan.

Anyway, yeah... this is the only podcast I listen to really. Great job on it. I love on #3 with Victoly where he was saying all this stuff like he wasn't aware was considered nerdy. That gave me a laugh. I just love every installment of the show though because I'm always getting to see the views of different players. Players that have proved themselves and it's interesting to see (or 'hear' I should say) how all these different styles of play can work.

Ah, one more thing I almost forgot to comment on. I've played Tekken a bit (though I'm not that good and don't plan on really focusing on it until Tekken 6 hits consoles 200 years from now) and while I do use an arcade stick myself... I must say it works very well with a pad too. I think mostly because the directional inputs when used are often pretty basic. It's more about the buttons than the movement. And there's less buttons to worry about of course.

Keep up the good work, Ryan. Oh, and I hope you stick with Balrog because that's an interesting character to watch. At least from my perspective. Not the flashiest... but you see so many playing as Ryu or whatnot that it's refreshing to see a Balrog player. I'll admit I was a little surprised you were able to take it to Bobino's Rufus like that with just picking up the character recently, but you really held it down.

gootecks4025d ago

Thank you for the kind words Tacki! SF4 will be out for console before you know it. I just put out a free ebook: The 3rd Strike Player's Guide to Street Fighter 4. Glad you are enjoying the old shows!