8 Square Enix Remakes We'd Love to See After Final Fantasy VII

There is a long tradition of Square Enix Remakes dating back through PlayStation history. That tradition continues with Final Fantasy VII, and will probably keep going after that. Here are some titles gamers would love to see again.

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PhoenixUp945d ago

Why do lists like this never ask for the Eidos side of Square Enix? There’s plenty of remakes id like to seem from Eidos’ stories history

BlackIceJoe945d ago

Well said. I know I'd gladly pay for a remake of Legacy of Kain and if it does well the chances for a new game increases too, which would be a plus in my book.

MWH944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

Amen my friend, vae victis.

PhoenixUp945d ago

Not only that but people tend to also forget about Enix’s own titles and just mainly focus on Squaresoft’s past like it’s the only classic backlog Square Enix can return to.

Dragon Quest is the only thing people ever mention. You’ll hardly ever see the likes of Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean, & ActRaiser

Sirk7x944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

Or Enix. Remake Terranigma I say! One of the most underrated RPGs ever made.

Immagaiden945d ago

Personally I’d just want Square Enix to release FFVIIR period before thinking of whatever remake they could work on after it.

Plus it’s not like we even have to wait for that to release for another remake to be made. Their last one was Secret of Mana last year. They can still release smaller scale remakes in the meantime

on_line_forever944d ago

Iam still hope someday Square Enix cooperate with fromsoftware to remake VAGRANT STORY

Relientk77945d ago

Brave Fencer Musashi
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX

NecrumOddBoy945d ago

I would love for Square to take Chrono Trigger as is, repolish it with an overlay of lighting effects and actually get an orchestra to do the soundtrack. (I wish CT had a live cover too).

Also would love to see Enix's E.V.O Search for Eden remade in something that resembles the Ubisoft Framework Engine. This game is incredible yet almost completely forgotten.

Sirk7x944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

Could possibly look amazing employing tilt shift like Octopath's art style. That game has beautiful sprite work and lighting. Also, EVO, hell yes.

-Foxtrot944d ago

Final Fantasy VIII

They already skipped VIII out with a port and trophy support so they better not skip it for the next remake

The garden battle in HD would be glorious

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The story is too old to be commented.