Here Are The Six Best RPGs Available For PlayStation 4

With many hours of content crammed onto one disc, here are Electric Bento's picks for the best RPG's available to PlayStation 4 owners.

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SegaGamer43d ago

I personally don't count some of those games as rpg's, they are action adventure games with rpg elements.

Teflon0243d ago

Outside Persona and Valkyria, I think the others aren't fair for mentioning

shaun mcwayne43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Six of the best used to mean something else.

shuvam0943d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Some balls there not including Witcher, DQ and Divinity...
No problems, though...
Everyone's got their opinion...
Besides, Bloodborne would still be the best...

bluefox75543d ago

I would add DQ11 to this list, as well as Tales of Berseria.

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