Why Syphon Filter Must Make a Return

PS: “I really like Days Gone. I wouldn’t say I was particularly excited for the apocalyptic open worlder, but somehow it’s become one of my favourites of the year. I can accept that it’s a flawed title that’s not doing anything especially special, but occasionally a bang average game comes along that appeals to me more than a so-called blockbuster. Objectively I know Deacon St. John’s inaugural adventure has plenty of issues, but I’ve really enjoyed it. Sue me.

I don’t want a sequel, however. While the early sales numbers suggest that we may be seeing the origins of a brand new series here, I think there’s a gap in the market that Bend Studio could fill if it returned to its roots. I’m talking about Syphon Filter, of course – a franchise that’s always hovered around the periphery of the mainstream gaming landscape, perhaps never quite scoring the commercial and critical respect that it deserves.”

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Awesome game , good old times. They should make new game with decime engine its will be amazing

Relientk77467d ago

I'm hoping we see a Syphon Filter game on PS5.

AK91467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

Imagine a Syphon Filter game with the graphical power of Days gone.

thepluggy467d ago

I remember the army barracks snow level in Syphon Filter..where any mistake you made the alarms around the base would be set off..still one of my favourite levels ever in a game

PhoenixUp467d ago

Metal Gear has pretty much been wrecked and Splinter Cell has gone completely dormant

It’s the perfect time for Syphon Filter to swoop in and claim the 3rd person stealth action throne by default.

jbull467d ago

I know as you said MGS will unlikely be revived by Konami, SC probably can't make enough loot box money for Ubisoft so there's a huge gap for a third person stealth shooter.

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