GT: Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World Exclusive Super Baby 2 Vs. Vegeta Gameplay

The fists fly in this ferocious fight.

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Born2BK1NG4034d ago

DBZ Games are really losing there originality. Each game is the same as the one before, except for more characters, add a real story, golly...

Aclay4034d ago

I agree, and why does the title of the video read "Baby 2 vs Vegeta?". The title should be fixed and read "Videl vs Dabura."

I noticed that there some of the same exact moves and same exact finishing moves from previous games. I haven't bought a DBZ game since Budokai 2. And as far as the story goes, the DBZ series only has one story, so it's not like the story is going to be any different.

I'm a huge DBZ fan, but There's only so much that you can do with a DBZ game before it starts to get repetitive.... I think that the DBZ video game series needs a more advanced fighting system, more combo's, character damage ( your character can get his clothes ripped up as he takes more and more damage, etc..) and blood... basically I want to see a rated "M" DBZ game that doesn't hold anything back and that implements some of the things I mentioned above.

Fox014034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Just imagine a DBZ game made by the guys working on Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm!

Atari is ruining the franchise, they should just stop.

SaiyanFury4034d ago

Agreed, I'm getting Naruto UNS tonight when Resistance 2 and Valkyria Chronicles are released. First fighting game I'm excited about in a long time.

BLuKhaos4034d ago

Well I wouldn't mind getting this game because budokai 3 was my favorite one and I lost interest in the series when they rolled out the tenkaichi games.So Infinite World here I come.

MidnightProwler4034d ago

Looks like Videl was giving him head just before the round started :P

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Mikelarry4034d ago

anyone that even thinks of getting this game should please dont. what a RIP off this is just dbz budokai with a different name. do this game developers think we a buffoons. i need some of what they are smoking cuz they must be higer than the clouds to think gamers are gonna go out and buy this i mean come on

big shadow4034d ago

I like Dragon Ball Z but this is just madness. Same moves from previous games,exact lines the characters say. At least this is going to be the last dragon ball z game on the ps2

Panthers4034d ago

I wish they would make a FF like RPG with DBZ. That would be sweet.

PikkonX4034d ago

I think that has been the dream of many DBZ fans for years now. I don't know why this hasn't happened yet, but the Dragonball universe would be perfect for putting together a great RPG. If Atari/Namco are gonna make the game though, I don't want it.

-Angel-4034d ago

I prefer they stick to the fighting genre and improve the DB games. I don't think it will make for an interesting RPG though.

Hershy9994034d ago

evil blast and hell blitz, real creative moves...

sirbigam4034d ago

OMFG were is the freacken originality! Ridiculus i havn't bought a DBZ game since buokai 1, 2, & 3 and this just looks like the same sh#t no origionality.

Same with Smakdown vs Raw bought first one watever ya know, now I played the ps3 demo of Smakedown vs Raw 2009 same sh#t, I'm just waiting for UFC on the PS3 hell ya.

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