Blizzard Boss: Our Teams Are Highly Motivated, We Feel We've Got a Lot to Prove Even to Ourselves

Blizzard boss J. Allen Brack feels the studio's teams are highly motivated to deliver great content and feel like they've got a lot to prove to both themselves and their fans. Blizzard as a whole is working hard to make BlizzCon a 'great event'.

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Chris_Wray908d ago

I would hope so, but following quite a few stumbles it makes sense to say they're motivated. I'd be nice to see Blizzard put out some quality though, they genuinely used to be a great developer to watch out for.

meep316908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

What they heck are you talking about? They have not had a stumble yet. Unless you mean blizcon itself, they really misread their audience last time. People who go to blizcon don’t care about mobile games.

BalzMcDeath908d ago

I’m a assuming he/she is talking about fallout 76, the diablo mobile game and there was something else. I’m just guessing though.

monkey602908d ago

Blizzard had nothing to do with Fallout 76 though

zacfoldor907d ago (Edited 907d ago )

You haven't been following BFA, have you? It's a mess. Worst xpak ever. Hopefully they fix it with the next expansion..

meep316907d ago

@zacfoldor I havent payed attention to wow for a long time, but the fact that its even still relevant at all is amazing. WOW is just about 15 years old guys.

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blvdnights1414908d ago

Please explain this "used to be" nonsense.

zacfoldor907d ago

BFA is bad. Messed up loot structure and class design(gameplay). They have been working to fix it, but I'm out until next xpak as are my friends. BFA has been very damaging to WoW, imo. There are a few other things, like Diablo Immortal, the activision drama after the last quarterly report, waning IPs and lack of new game announcements. Blizzard needs a new IP or big game release to stay relevant. WoW can keep the lights on, but not keep you in the spotlight.

meep316907d ago (Edited 907d ago )

You aren’t making much sense zac, none of blizzards ips are waning and even wow is still by far the biggest game in its genre. Blizzard has never been one to release a ton of games, but even overwatch and hearthstone were big hits. The studio has only made 19 games since 1991, think about that for a second.

ccgr908d ago

Hope it's a huge success!

Dabigsiebowski908d ago

I doubt this. Blizzard is strictly games as a service. I don't expect any new MMO from them and frankly, I think Diablo is getting replaced by bigger and better gems now like PoE. The balance patches as of late for SC2 have been a complete joke and that's not to mention the catering to SJW's and PC Culture as appose to delivering these things in a more normal and humane way. It's embarrassing and that's not to mention the crap show WoW is in at the moment. Blizzard used to make games for fans and now they only and strictly make games for more casuals who pull this SJW crap while blanketing everything with microtransactions, it's a complete and utter joke and yes they aren't the only ones who does this.

908d ago
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