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Sites like IGN couldn't be more wrong about Days Gone. It is a great re-roll on the zombie/survival genre that we've been needing for a long time.

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SCW19821676d ago

Agreed. Critics absolutely had an agenda with this game. I’m loving it.

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BLizardXD1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Just about every close scoring xbox game has flaws exposed and mute to gamer reception.
I do expect any future low scoring xbox games to be met with flaws exposed.

Hardiman1676d ago

Really great game and those who sit it out because some of the hate it got, are missing out!

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Phantom681675d ago

Some positive comments for the game which I really like.


Days Gone | Trailer [GOG]

Days Gone is now available DRM-free from GOG

shinoff218338d ago

Such a fun ass game. I enjoyed it alot more then I thought I would.

ravens5238d ago

We need a part 2 doesn't even have to be Deacon. But I had no problems with him either, he was a dude on a mission.

Cacabunga38d ago

My second favorite PS4 game after RDR2 hands down

neutralgamer199238d ago

I think with Jim Ryan gone we may get a sequel down the road. It has become a cult classic

andy8538d ago

This was so fun I love the hoards. People need to stick with it because the start is very slow

MrDead38d ago

Has a really good PC port too, I wasn't expecting much from this game but I had a blast. Wish it had a part 2 as the story was building well.

jznrpg38d ago

It does take some time to get some weapons ,skills and a few bike upgrades up to feel like you got a rhythm going but then it really starts to click and the game is a lot of fun

shinoff218338d ago

I was sad when it ended. I wanted more. I'd have to look but I think that was one of the few games I platinumed to. I only got like 4. I don't go out of my way for trophies though

Abnor_Mal38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

@shinoff same I only have 4 plats and one is Days Gone, and I also don’t go out of my way for platinums.

Was a very fun game and wish there would be a sequel, maybe one day they will come back to it with a different pitch that Sony will approve.

They probably rejected it he sequel because it might not have been the direction they were going for with gaas games and the like.

jznrpg38d ago

@shinioff I had the same feeling when I got the platinum. I need more. Hopefully they make a sequel and leave multiplayer out of it unlike the last pitch for Days Gone2.

got_dam38d ago

The critical reception had Sony relegate Bend to a support studio. Thank God the fans spoke up and Sony reversed that decision.

Knightofelemia38d ago

One of my favorite Sony titles too bad there is no sequel.