Game Informer-Resistance 2 Review

When you look at the top-line bullet points for Resistance 2, the list is impressive: a single-player campaign combined with an eight-player co-op mode and a competitive multiplayer that pits up to 60 players against each other. It's even a mouthful to say, and once the words leave your lips, you have to dabble off that bit of drool left behind. This is a feature set that any gamer will find hard to, well, resist.

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C.I.A4034d ago

Already have my copy pre-ordered!

4034d ago
C.I.A4034d ago

I got a sweet deal on it thanks to the cag forums,paying $20 less!

Maxned4034d ago

Prosecutor, when Gears of War 2 got a 9/10 all you said was flop.

Now I can say


4034d ago
BLUR1114034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Yep ripoff's like these can get really low scores

but halo got AAA scores out the ass but not resistance and that's why

Gears 2 is the real deal. sorry phony boys!

C.I.A4034d ago

I don't know if you've seen the backside of it though

Bots Of A Feather Fl4034d ago

All this talk about the LE might make me change my order

PoSTedUP4034d ago

i dont buy LE's, i want to have the official case in my collection : P

Bots Of A Feather Fl4034d ago

^ I think they'll be putting up the official box art for download

CIO Caveman Trolls4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

REMEDY: Just take a sour pill, if it still hurts your feelings or you are in critical condition somewhere at a hospital - be advised to click on "Disagree" button below.. it should help you feeling much better than expecting higher scores.

Thank you for your cooperation - PLAYSTATION 3s STILL LOVE YOU

GiantEnemyLobster4034d ago

Wow this game can't even get an AAA score from Game Informer lmao!!! Jesus, another flop for the PatchStation 3!!! AHAHAHAHAHA I'M STILL LAUGHING AT THE 8.5

Killjoy30004034d ago

Funny how GI gave Clancy Man 2: Lag Vegas a 9 and rated R2 lower. How gay.

GiantEnemyLobster4034d ago

Gears of War 2 metacritic: 94
Resistance 2 metacritic: 89


ravinshield4034d ago

the gears killer can't score higher than gears

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Elvfam5114034d ago

it flop o snap holy crap batman Resistnaces 2 flop with a passion /sarcasm

that's why xbox 360 owners still brought Too Human and love it even with the reviews like gamespot 5.5 stfu already how is a 8.5 a flop

mesh14034d ago

FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP HAHAHAHHA WE WILL see more 8/10 for this average game .

Harri44444034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

no this is game informer they gave quake wars a 8/10 (console version)

and they have heavy links to (dare I say it) g4mest0p

olivia4034d ago

oh you again you are indeed blind
- mmmm ya your sick in your head,i'll call sony
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here's the verdict you suffer from ps3xbotitis it a rare decease were you lose eye site and the will to think on your own so suck Microsoft balls for well needed nurisment.but i got some bad news,Microsoft brainwash as left you dumb as a rusty nail. But wait if sony can fix your problem for not 3,not 2,but 1 easy payment 399.99.remember all medication offer comes with minor side-a-fec,if decease gets worst call Sony right away for a 10 year warranty,unlike the buy with cation warranty like the other Microsoft offers.if you follow these methods i garantee you will be like no other

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happyface4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

only 8.5 from GI? they give 9's to random fps like Rainbow 6 and Battlefield..

sony should have delayed and improved this game into a AAA title for their fans

edit: Dead Space even got 9.25 from GI

ThatCanadianGuy4034d ago

You just want to lose your bubbles don't you?

HighDefinition4034d ago

But, it`s seems a BIT low compared to other reviews.

Don`t let a 8.5 STOP you from playing a game.


yes, he wants to lose his bubbles.

Elvfam5114034d ago

sh!t the beta ran smooth like a baby's bottom

BrianC62344034d ago

This 8.5 score is actually lame. If you read the review they didn't like the changes to the single player game. Besides that they thought it was great. The single player game is nothing more than a small part of the game you use to get better at the game. Then you go online and play the real game. Maybe Insomniac should leave single player mode out if including it ends up hurting their score. I think these games need two reviews now. One for single player and one for online. I will be playing the whole single player game but after that the real game will begin. I doubt many people will buy Resistance 2 just to play the single player mode.

TheIneffableBob4034d ago

Didn't Game Informer give the first Resistance a 9.5 out of 10?

C_SoL4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

something is fishy about this......

Actually this is completely bull sh*t.

Ju4034d ago

@Brian. Yes, and I can see the criticism in the review. And, personally, I hope that they come back to what R1 was. I see some changes breaking with what made R1 great. But none the less. This would not qualify to rip off points. I will reserve further judgment until I'll get it tomorrow. But I have no doubt that the game will be great on its own. We'll see. I just can't wait to get my hands on this one.

HighDefinition4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

GI just lost a little respect.

thebudgetgamer4034d ago

but they gave r1 a 9.5 so its odd they did just about everything better this time


RememberThe3574034d ago

The point I am getting from all these reviews is that everyone has their own opinion. So pick up the games give them a try and make your decision for your self.

TheSadTruth4034d ago

"1.7 - they gave R:FOM 9.5
something is fishy about this......

Actually this is completely bull sh*t. "

Or maybe a year + later they have higher expectations

You people need to give it a rest,if you don't care what reviewers think then ignore their reviews, if they think Resistance 2 is just a good game and not great then that's what they believe, give it a rest

I think giving the original Resistance a 9.5 was extremely generous

Elvfam5114034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )


Yeah I am one sure /sarcasm I'm not the thinking that way

Danja4034d ago

Im a little dissapointed by the score the review wasn't bad , but to take off points because they changed the weapon scheme is just ludacris because Insomniac decided to change the Ratchet style gun layout RFOM2 should loose points..

I've seen other less deserving games get 9's from GI , Can't wait to get this game so I can play the Single Player mode with just being able to carry around "Just 2 Weapons" , lol

Jamegohanssj54034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

After seeing these stupid scores other than IGN's I think I will stop looking at reviews.


kornbeaner4034d ago

There is also mention that the game felt a lot more scripted then the original.

".....The rest of the single-player experience continues down that same road. I often found upcoming encounters telegraphed by the weapons I found in the area (oh look, a rocket launcher – a big dude must be just around the corner). Other encounters are a process of trial and error; some enemies jump out and zap you for an instant kill, but next time you know where he is coming from, so you simply blast the dude and move on."

I am currently playing through the the first R1 and I love it. Having tons of weapons to choose from, but having to pick the right weapon for you current situation is part of the charm of R1, also going through the missions I never know what was coming next and it seems that in R2 you can pretty much tell when a boss battle is coming due to the weapons that are lying around. The review is extremely fair and if true (having not played the game myself) justified. Insomniac (who I hold in very high regards personally) seem to have wanted to improve their game by following what has made other FPS's successful instead of craving their own niche like they do with the Ratchet series. All in All I think this is a very fair review from one of the best mags out there.

ultimolu4034d ago

...Once again, a 360 owner allows a score to dictate how great a game is.

I'm waiting for my order and I will unleash hell on the Chimera.

Keep it up dear.

Doppy4034d ago

This is surprising, because they did give the first Resistance a 9.5/10 and they have nothing but praise for the game except that the weapon wheel is missing from the single player. I completely agree that the weapon wheel should have at least been kept for single player, but that's no reason to give the game an 8.5/10. They say that the weapons make the game more predictable, which I can see happening, but come on. Well let's hope Insonmniac patches the weapon wheel back in or includes it in Resistance 3, not because of this review but because I miss it.

4034d ago
Jake11114034d ago

I did a search for the original GOW which they gave a 9.5. There is no way in hell RFOM2 is lower than GOW1.

I played GOW1 through a few times. Single player/co op was half decent. The bosses were pathetic (minus berzerker). . .

The online for GOW1 was so bad I played it for 2 days and stopped.

My point is this. There is no possible way this guy reviewed this game with an unbiased opinion. It is impossible.

Why must these reviewers bow down to the advertisement money from MS to lie to their viewers with lower scores??

This is pathetic....!

4034d ago
4034d ago
4034d ago
Cynical-Gamerzus4034d ago

First of who the F is game informer LOL

honestly never heard of them??
Thats said pretty inpressive game given it is still technically and first gen title!!!BY PS3 standards

Liquid_Ocelot4034d ago

that's it, i had enough from GI. 8.5? yeah i bet the other game will get a 9.5-.9.7 maybe a 10... **IMO** GI changed just like almost every reviewer out there

DRUDOG4034d ago

Game Informer is Gamestop. Same crappy company and almost as crappy magazine. I've read it for awhile (get free copies from a friend who subscribes) and some parts of the mag are decent (the beginning section w/news), but I think they are up and down on their reviews. Sometimes they'll rate something higher than what I've seen as the "average" of other reviews and other times they will beat the hell out of something when others have given it a decent score.

FrankenLife4034d ago

I don't disagree with their complaints. I like having options. Gamers in general like to have options. The weapon wheel gave us options. Taking and our options away was bad.

Though they can't say that the first one didn't feel scripted. The game gave you exactly what you needed for every battle. Everytime I saw a full load of shotgun ammo one of two things was coming, the bugs or the dogs. A fareye would be on the ground and then I'd walk into a long open level. Right before you go up against one of the big guys there would be a couple of steelheads to make sure you had auger ammo. They really did baby the player as to telling them what weapon was needed. Though I don't mean to say that there is anything wrong with it. Just don't list that as a negative feature of the second as if it wasn't in the first.

Even if the single player experience isn't as good as the first, when the multiplayer is improved so massively the score shouldn't be dropped down a whole point. If anything it should stay the same after all the multiplayer is where most people are going to be spending most of their time anyway.

BLiZZaK4034d ago

Come on people don't you know GI is owned by Gamespot...I'm suprised they didn't rate it a 7.5. If any store on this planet is bias towards a console it's definantly gamestop...this has been witnessed by my own eyes and ears and many others...I simply won't give them my money anymore. Place like Fred Meyer always have the game in stock on day 1 and never need to pre-order.

Daz4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

peopel already hating the review but when in on other console it right . i dont get it :P so stupid.

Its only some opinion and i be palying both great games this week. you know hat they are.

ablecain4034d ago

"Use guns to shoot things across a number of different modes"

Are they writing this review for my grandmother?

BWS19824034d ago

my opinion compares to the reviewer's opinion, I have GI, but haven't read this yet. I must state though, on the 2 weapon carrying aspect, that it is intended for realism. I liked the wheel in R1 though. But, everybody applauded Call of Duty 2 (yes 2) when it came out for it's exceptionalism a few years could only carry 2 at a time when it came to weapons, this is a common characteristic in realistic shooters these days, so that is my GUESS as to possibly why Insomniac would do that. In any case, I don't think that would have knocked off a whole point alone in their minds, I'll have to play the game to judge though. The important thing is, I'm still buying it, even if they said it's a 6.

What's odd, is Andy rarely reviews the games, I haven't seen a review by him in ages.

*Everyone should keep in mind this statement by Andy, from the review:

"All told, the single-player experience is definitely better than most..."

Doesn't sound like a let down by any stretch of the imagination.

SL1M DADDY4034d ago

Heck, COD4's single play was scripted as heck. "Go here!", "Throw a grenade in there!" "RUN to this location and help this team out!"

Remember? Yeah, and it was not scored lower for it's scripted feel. I am just saying that to say this, it's kind of a low blow.

AAACE54034d ago

Every game doesn't have to get 9's or 10's to be considered great! Resistance 2 seems to have alot of great things packed into it for gamers to enjoy for a long time. If you let a review score determine how you feel about a game, you need to reevaluate your priorities.

You should only be concerned about a games score if it is below an 8. R2 will be great just like R1 was, so don't worry about the score, just buy the game and enjoy it!

The only people who should be concerned about this score, are those fanboys who were looking to prove somekind of point about having the greatest game this year.

It's not about the greatest review, it's about having great games to play!

pain777pas4034d ago

I'm still getting this game but the weapon wheel was something that I liked. i hopes its a hidden option or put back in with a patch. You don't have to copy halo! Make your own unrealistic game for goodness sake I will still buy and love the game and appreciate the switch anyway but geez that kind of annoys me.

arika4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

resistance 2 is the best FPS this year and a Game of the year contender. i don't care what critics say because it can be rigged easily with money, persuasion, loyalty and fanboyism.....

i'll be playing 2 hours from now and i'll be my own judge... wait for my

Kaneda4033d ago

I guess complaining about the review score is part of the game now too, eh? Just picked it up! but can't wait play it til this weekend.. I hate work!!

aceitman4033d ago

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Now Loading4034d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this

4034d ago