'Fallout: New Vegas' is a dumpster fire worth revisiting

The Blade's Will Harrison: This might be a hot take, but it’s one I’m willing to defend: New Vegas is certainly the best Fallout game, and probably the best Bethesda game. I can hear Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fallout 3 stalwarts fanning themselves in outrage at that statement, but New Vegas is on another level.

I say that even as I readily admit that there also may not be a more broken, busted Bethesda game than New Vegas – especially the PC version.

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IamTylerDurden147d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I loved New Vegas but it truly was a technical mess. Days Gone has a bullshit narrative about being buggy or running poorly but it's nonsense. For an open world game Days Gone runs well, especially on Pro. Comparing an actual mess like New Vegas makes me laugh. I adore New Vegas, but there is just no comparison on a technical level. The mess that some sites call Days Gone is actually what New Vegas was, and worse. It was so poorly optimized particularly on PS3. Framerate was abysmal and inconsistent. The game had regular bugs and game breaking bugs. At times the game would slow to the point of being unplayable and i would have to shut off my system or close the game. New Vegas and Death's Gambit are the most broken games i've played in a decade. Shame, as both are great.

HarrisonBlade47d ago

The Scorpion/Robot joke I use at the end of the column is an actual thing that happened to my wife on her save on the PS3 version. Shortly after, the game locked up and corrupted the save. She never went back to it.

meep31646d ago

Everything on that engine was horrible on ps3, much better off playing this one on pc.

Kados46d ago

The PS3 version of Oblivion was screwed also. It would randomly CPU lock the system. You had to flip the main power switch on the back of the system (or pull the plug on newer models) to shut it down.

SolidGear346d ago

You're on my PSN and I see you playing Days Gone all the time. I had been meaning to ask what you thought of it. I'm currently working on Metro Exodus.

IamTylerDurden145d ago

Days Gone is actually great. It's a blast to play, but it's high quality as well. The only real flaw is that human AI can be slow to react if you rush them and attack close and erratically. Basically if you play like a newb, i take my time so it hasn't been bad. People who haven't played and attempt to criticise are clueless. The game has so many impressive details. It truly is well built by and large.

DaDrunkenJester46d ago

Just couldnt help but throw in a Days Gone defense on a game that has nothing to do with it, huh? Haha

It's like you people are constantly trying to convince yourself and other people to not listen to the reviews. The reviews are spot on with a 7/10, it's not a bad game, it's not a great game. If you enjoy it then just enjoy it. It's been a week now, just get over it lol

IamTylerDurden145d ago

Have you played it? How can you so confidently say 7/10 is accurate unless you've played it?

It actually was quite relevant as some are trying to depict Days Gone as a technical mess. Comparing it to an actual mess (NV) seemed relevant as to show people the difference. Get it?

Not trying to convince myself, i know it's great, i'm just shedding light on the truth. That Days Gone is grossly underrated. The reason why so many people are jumping in to support this game is because they love it and feel it's being misrepresented by certain people.

DaDrunkenJester45d ago

It's fine if you and others like it. Doesn't change the fact that its sitting at a 7. You can feel its underrated, but I dont feel like it is personally. It's a very middle of the road game. It's not bad, certainly no 5 or 6, but it doesnt really excel in any particular area.

I haven't gotten very far tbf, but right now it's not gripping me and wanting me to come back. I keep coming back because I want it to get better. I haven't run into any crazy glitches, but I did have some characters clip into the ground. Some really dumb AI moments and a ton of audio issues.

The reason NV was praised despite the plethora of bugs is because it offered a great RPG experience that kept you hooked with exploration and wonder. There was always something new and different. Days Gone doesnt have much of that because almost each settlement plays similar and it's the same shooter action RPG stuff we get in a ton of other games.

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Poopmist46d ago

New Vegas is better than any Bethesda game for sure.

meep31646d ago (Edited 46d ago )

On pc its the best game in the series, much more stable than older consoles. Too bad it was never ported to newer machines.

KillaJamm46d ago

Everyone stating it's the best Bethesda game but wasn't it developed by obsidian?

pietro121246d ago

Maybe they meant best game published by Bethesda? If that's the case, I agree.

PiNkFaIrYbOi46d ago

Yep, Obsidian developed it.

Nacho_Z46d ago

I preferred Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout 3 but NV had a lot going for it. I'd say it had the best quests and decision making out of all of them but the game world as a whole clicked more in the others for me.

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