“Blades of Time” remastered edition is coming to the Nintendo Switch on May 14th

Gaijin Entertainment is very happy to announce that the remastered edition of "Blades of Time" is coming to the Nintendo Switch on May 14th this Summer.

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micdagoat1946d ago

Never heard of this game im surprised since it was on 360 and PS3

TGG_overlord46d ago

I did sell the game at the time when I worked in retail. However, there wasn't a lot of ads and whatnot for the game in Sweden back then. As for here and now though, there seem to be a lot more PR focus on the game this time.

JBryant061946d ago

Should have tossed in X-Blades as well

TGG_overlord46d ago

I'm all for it ;) (sexy game is sexy)

Donnie8146d ago

Decent game actually. I might buy it if it’s not 49.99

TGG_overlord46d ago

It's not priced at 49,99 USD in Sweden. So I highly doubt that the price will be 49,99 USD anywhere else in the world.

lellkay46d ago

Nowhere near worth the money. Especially when you have Bayo 1 and 2 on Switch with 3 on the way. Maybe when it's in the bargain bin.

TGG_overlord46d ago

It's a question about the launch price Vs if you have already played through those games before.

Fist4achin45d ago

It's about time! Sorry, long day at work...

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