XNE's Code Alert - DO NOT use free XNE code

Those who use the "leaked" XNE code - you could face permanent bans and your console could suffer permanent and irreversible lockouts.

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pp4034d ago

F*ckin better not be true.

GiantEnemyCrab4034d ago

This is BS, you will not be banned and even MS has confirmed this themselves.

If a NXE preview selectee hooks his HDD to another system it will update the dash but it won't ban you. It will simply deny you access to XBL until Nov 19th and then at that time you will be prompted for the second half of the update and perhaps an update to first part as well.

vitz34034d ago

Go Microsoft. Great way to make your customers feel wanted.

Death4034d ago

I just read the story and didn't see a link to an official announcement. Unless this happens, it safe to assume this article is based on assumption. :)


meepmoopmeep4034d ago

yeah, that's a bit extreme there.

FCC4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

You don't get permabanned people, come on.

They don't allow you to connect to live until the 19th. Otherwise, everyone would be downloading and using the NXE now, so there'd be no point to a release date.

Don't ask me why there's a release date in the first place, it's Microsoft.

Reporting the article.
1. For misinformation
2. For saying XNE instead of NXE. It's not Xbox New Experience, it's the New Xbox Experience, corny either way but that's the way it is.

Megatron084034d ago

"Great way to make your customers feel wanted."

What did you really think that MS or even Sony is going to support pirating ? Anyone with half a brain would know that they shouldnt being pirating in the 1st place if they dont want to get banned.

You know what the real reason for blu ray is ? Sony doesnt give a damn about how good your dvds look all they care about is making money and unlike dvd's its almost impossible to pirate blu ray movies (at least for now).

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Mikelarry4034d ago

please like ms would wanna lose valuable paying customers. i got it on my console running nice and well. if ms ban me for wanting to preview their update well they can go right ahead and do that. it would save me paying for live

LegendarySins4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

@ Mikelarry

I couldn't agree more. I'm just about fed up with MS and their behaviour towards customers. Console breaks 3 times in 3 years, no compensation, gave me extended warranty when console broke first time for a year, broke down in 3 months again then denied giving me the extended warranty. When live is down you cant play your arcade games only trials, simply to stop other users on your 360 playing the games so MS think it is ok to have to buy the game 4 times for all my bros in the house. Pathetic miserable decision. Playstation 3 allows any game you buy of the PSN to be downloaded to 5 different consoles from 1 purchase and any user can play it. I respect Sony for allowing us that.
£40 a year to play online as well, what a joke.
If I get banned for something as insignificant as this, I will never be buying another MS product for as long as I live.
Maybe a bit extreme as you could argue I shouldn't have upgraded yet, but at the end of the day, its something they are giving us free anyway, and its not like NXE allows backups to play or anything.

Lelouch V Brit4034d ago


Lame, Who Approved This Article?

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The story is too old to be commented.