Metacritic: The most pathetic battleground of the console wars

Metacritic has become the latest battleground in the fanboy console wars, with user scores allowing the particularly deranged to deliberately score down a videogame. Maybe they think their penis will grow in size as a particular first party game's score lowers. It will not happen.

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Fishy Fingers5200d ago

One metacritic based article I'm happy to approve.

facepalm5200d ago

I 100% agree with you...

This whole issue with "Meta-Scores" is absolutely preposterous. The majority of the people who use these scores as ammunition probably didn't even glance at the 2-4 page articles. They just instantly skip to the scores and either jump around in glee, praising the writer, or rush to the forums in disgust saying how much he/she sucks at their job...

No console bias, no fanboy spin, just the plain "Doh!!"

LightningPS3PS35200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

And it has nothing to with pathetic fanboys.

1. Metacritic turned Variety's no score review of LBP into an 80%.

So, I thought that sucked. If a review doesn't assign a score, then leave it that way. Especially if you're gonna give a score much lower than what the game is averaging.

2. Metacritic turned 1up's review of (B+) for Resistance 2 into an 83%.

I think everyone who went to grade school knows that a (B+) usually means 85% and above. So, that sucks. I start to wonder WTF is up with metacritic.

3. Last but not least, Metacritic turns 1up's review of (A) for Gears of War 2 into a 100%.

I thought that 100% meant (A+). You remember (A+)? it meant you scored perfect. There's nothing wrong with that, but when Gears of War 2 gets 100% for (A) and Resistance 2 can't even reach 85% for (B+)...

I mean, I feel that last one really crosses the line.

nordberg5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

IMO, not only user, but Metacritic score itself was biased.
"Resistance 2" two lowest score from "1up" and "gamepro".
"Gear of war 2" two highest score from "1up" and "gamepro".
Strange, if a review site have easy rating than the score must be in higher range for the two games and if his rating was severe than the score must be in lower range for the two games (but IMO not a lower and higher range depending of the console reviewed, these site must not count IMO). If metacritic decide one day to remove some unfair site review than his score will be really accurate (or at least take the middle score instead of average score.).

PS: I don't know which game was better than the other but only noted some site want to affect a metacritic score and as soon as possible (first reviewer for game not yet released)

Xelai5200d ago

Metacritic in fact asks each reviewer to send a numeric, they never make up anything.

It is fanboys who see hideen agendas and conspiranoias everywhere.

INehalemEXI5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

Have you forgoten Gerstmanngate already? Scandals in gaming sites review systems happen often. Money,hype,and marketing influences scores too thats just reality. Thats why games fly under the radar , and/or are underrated.

Warhawk for example could easily be a 95 , -5 for abandoning single player. Yet its Meta is 84... WTF. Warhawk is easily the best game of its genre IMO.

Theres also Overrated games due to hype..GTAIV for instance.

Kuest5199d ago

Who to call? ......

I've got it, the Hardy Boys. They ought to solve your metric problem in not time; then you actually start playing games.

ultimolu5199d ago

Metacritic is starting to piss me off.

kratos-i-am5199d ago

Is it really that surprising? I remember when Peter Moore used to mention metacritic rankings against the PS3 saying "Xbox has more games over 90 than our competition."

karlostomy5199d ago

The whole gist of it was to do with USER SCORES.
Fanboys can leave their own score for a game thereby raising/lowering the user score!

The article had nothing to do with the metacritic official reviews.
In fact, metacritic gives us a very GOOD indication of what the official review community's concensus is.

It's just the losers who vote down anything not on their beloved console of choice that are the point of this article.


MiloGarret5199d ago

"Metacritic in fact asks each reviewer to send a numeric, they never make up anything."

Really? Is that true? Could you provide a link? So that I can start spamming the above sentence everytime I see some fanboy whining over metacritic scores. Please.

Man_of_the_year5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

Well if Metacritic is going to be the site now where people will no longer take serious...there is always gamerankings...and if certain fanboys find issues with that site as well then i guess we can always use the number of sales to get a better idea...if not then i guess certain fanboys will just always call foul against the numbers that they don't personally agree with...

So far on metacritic - Gears 2 95/100
resistance 2 89/100

Game rankings gears2 95/100
Resistance 2 89/100

Hmmm...I can also assure you gears 2 will also sell more than R2...Sorry guys...but 89/100 to me is a great game none the less.

Xelai5199d ago


It all comes in the FAQ at their site,

The Vanity reviewer normalized his review with a score, when a reviewer does not do that then it comes to Metacritic to do it, BUT as it was said in one of the multiple news that have been published these days most reviewers send their own numeric values, it was in the answer that the owner of Metacritic gave concerning LBP.

And of course there is hype affecting reviews, and pressure, but that is one thing and another saying that a black hand is behind everything, in fact, not everyones black hand, Microsoft`s one. As if Sony cannot pull similar stunts, remember IGN´s Fallout 3 PS3 version correction? That was Bethesda asking for not revealing some errors. And Konami asking for not mentioning installations nor cutscene length for MGS4?

Those things happen, but not as forced nor commonplace as some people think, they are commonplace for small stuff, and mostly to rise scores or not mention errors, not bringing down the competition. But when you got 70+ reviews all between 100 and 80 you know it is a great game, and if they are 70 to 50 you know it is rubbish, end of story.

And please keep disagreeing to simple plain facts, it is amusing when it is not tiresome.

PD Thinking of the agree/disagree usage here, it makes me think that if your opinion is not the same as that of the majority, the system makes it seem as if you are not entitled to it, curious.

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ngg123455200d ago

For having twenty stories about this fanboy garbage.

Harri44445200d ago

fanboys are what make the modern world go round. wether they are political, religion based or gamers.

Snake Raiser5200d ago

@ 2.1 Sad, but true. I am glad we both see that. And metacritic is just sad people. If gamers are hardcore enough to go on there they will know that LBP getting a 6/10 is just stupid. Point is your not fooling anybody.

vlazed5200d ago

The irony here is the blatant Gears promotion through this article. This could have easily been written when the event actually took place, but instead they wait till both Gears and Resistance are about to launch and they use the Gears logo to represent the article. They could have used a LBP or Resistance image, or any other image for that matter, and statistically there was a 66% chance they could of, but alas math loses again and 33% wins.

hay5200d ago

It's a skull mate, which pretty much shows how writer was pissed off or added some "seriousness" to the article.
Imagine lbp picture there, whole article wouldn't be so serious. You can't translate what human may think/want/prefer into percents. It doesn't work that way.

The article is harsh and offensive but has one strong point. We all should appreciate those people who are working on great games, we should love games which give us some fun, and stop hating games we can't have or just because they are Sony or MS. It's just stupid.

If I were one of those devs which game fanboys attacked I would be pretty much pissed off to see dumbed down rating just because I wanted to make game as good as possible for gamers which can't show appreciation and boycott my work.
I work with the software and yeah, I'm sometimes pissed off when someone gives my work negative feedback without valid reason or point. Just like dumbing down the score.

vlazed5200d ago

Sorry but you fail. This is the GeOW "COG" logo that they used. They could have used any other image to represent the article and the writers supposed frustration but they didn't. Then logically you would deduce that he chose to use one of the games mentioned in the article and this is where percentages comes into play. Choosing from 1 of 3 images to represent said games leaves each game with a 33.3% chance of being selected. Then you factor in consoles and in jumps from 66.6% for Sony and 33.3% for Ms. Point being that this was premeditated and deliberate.

Cheeseknight285200d ago

First of all, you aren't helping the problem. Does it really matter if Gears' logo is on the screen? No. They could've used any of the victims, but they chose to hit the one that had the lowest score. Would it change the article if they used LBP instead? Not in the slightest.

I have a fairly good feeling you were one of the ones that contributed to this garbage. Why would a pointless thing like which game the article is showing matter otherwise?

vlazed5200d ago

I just call it like I see it. I am not trying to help anything. I am simply pointing out the fact that a garbage article has promotional dressing. This is old news and in the entertainment industry timing is everything which makes things like this seem suspect.

MiloGarret5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

Didn't read your comment properly so my comment looked stupid.

But yeah, itz all a conzpirazy! Ze Germanz are coming!

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Pebz5200d ago

Harsh but very true article.

I am actually genuinely sad for people who take their fanboyism to that level, they owe it to themselves to be better than that. Gaming is about having fun, not about ruining fun for others, remember? Please, remember.

PooEgg5199d ago

I agree, fanboys ruin gaming and this whole fake user score thing is very childish. Fanboys need to get over themselves, just enjoy the games don't bash other systems.

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