PopMatters: Animal Paradise Review

L.B. Jeffries writes:

"There's a mountain of stuff they could have done with this game. They could take the Pokemon route and have your pets compete in competitions. They could take the pet sim route and have each pet interact and depend on your daily care. They could have the animals get jealous, they could have them fight with each other. But walking from animal to animal for the sake of a few photos and low key mini-games doesn't even create a reward structure strong enough to sustain beating the game the first time. These aren't action figures; you can only manipulate an animal with your imagination so much when it's stuck on a screen all by itself. I may not be a kid, and I may not even be a parent, but in either case you want a game that is worth playing not just once, but numerous times. Animal Paradise delivers the same thing to the player that it does for unlocking content: cute images and sounds that don't ever amount to much of anything."

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