IGN - SOCOM: Confrontation Video Review

IGN reviews SOCOM: Confrontation in this video.

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pp4030d ago

Hears a Quick review FLOP.

Elvfam5114030d ago

ah we don't need a mindless xbox 360 owner to tell us what's wrong with a ps3 game so go back to your gears of war and praise the 8.9 and up scores it has

-Maverick-4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

This is a last place crappy Sony flop.

LMFAO PS3 is a fuking joke. Literally.

Gears 2- 95% hahahahahha

Halo wanna-be Sony Flop Resistance 2-89%

hahahahahhahahahahhah LEV DOG GOT OWNED!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAH

PS3 SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSS and is in dead last....losing ground and inferior in everything!!!! Get over it bro!!

PS3rd FUKING SUCKS! and EVERYONE knows it!

Go play LittleBigPlanet you flaming homosexual. LMFAO


Blood_Spiller4030d ago

What a shame, you'd think with only 1 bubble even the most ignorant troll would find something useful to say but you sir have defied all logical thinking. Well played.

LevDog4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Really Mav?? 96%.. So a 9.2 rating averages out to a 96%??? Are you mad you keep losing money to MS and 360? 50 bucks year for what? Cross game chat and invites.. HAHAHA please.. No HD format, No Wifi... No Blu tooth.. Do you have any games that play in 1080P.. How can a HD console not have any games that play in 1080p?? Oh thats right its not a true HD console..

360 is the biggest ripoff in gaming history, and its idiots like you.. Who keep throwing money away by buying it..

EDIT:.. OMG I got owned.. On a gamer site.. HAHA.. thats funny.. I could care less.. Im not the one throwing my money away.. I love how you changed your comment too.. Wasnt it 96% just 10 min ago.. now 95.. Funny how half of those reviews are from 360 sites and mags.. funny how there are 2 times as more reviews for gears2 than R2.. While your enjoying your ONLY Good game this year.. Ill Enojoy R2, LBP, MGS4 thats 3 just this year.. Then Killzone next year.. What do you have coming out next year..

Oh wait 360 is a 2 series console.. Halo and Gears.. WOW whatta choice .. Oh ya thats sucks.. LBP is rated better than your precious Gears 2

0verdrive4030d ago


the game will still sell. there are too many socom fans, or people just wanting the headset. im gonna buy mine for the headset...eventually. lotsa good games this season so im going to wait til they iron it out, and they will eventually, which gives me enough time to play other sweet games coming out this season.

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mettalhead704030d ago

They really should have worked out the bugs and released it around march.There are enough games coming out this year so it wouldn't of been a big deal if it was held back but it just goes to show that you can't trust a new team to work on a big franchise 90 percent of the time, just look at silent hill.Fallout seems to be the one exception though.

Alcohog4030d ago

Awesome, awesome game. Period. Not noob friendly, just the way it should be.

Blood_Spiller4030d ago

I completely agree, it got off to a rocky start but after the latest patch I can't put this game down. Now if only they would fix all the noobs running around using 203s all the time I would be in heaven :)

Panthers4030d ago

100% agree. Socom is all I play now and will be for a while. Might take some breaks for games like R2 and LBP. And when Killzone 2 comes out I might have to switch but who knows.

Fox014030d ago

I was so looking forward to this game... I guess I'll have to wait till they solve all/ most of it's issues.

BattleAxe4030d ago

I have been a huge Socom fam for years, but I have to agree with the video review. I'll start playing after they've done some extra patchwork and hopefully they'll release a Map Pack(Sujo or Enowapi maybe?) I'm not a fan of a few of the maps the game came with.

Untill then I'm not going to waste my time playing "the beta". Too many other great games comming out like Call of Duty: World at War, Resistance 2 and Killzone 2.

badz1494030d ago

and I heard that trophies are coming! I hope I'll have more time to spend for SOCOM after this! too many games but too little time!

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LevDog4030d ago

Check Awesome Patch News..

Zerodin4030d ago

But some of us like our games to run right out of the box.

faisdotal4030d ago

Will this be re-reviewed when the problems are fixed?

Blood_Spiller4030d ago

They already are fixed for the most part.

Panthers4030d ago

Patch 1.30 was posted on and shows what it will have. It should get rid of the lag that happens whenever a late person joins a game.

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The story is too old to be commented.