Will YouTube Gaming Be The Twitch Killer?

Nick Eh 30 invited Ryan Wyatt of YouTube Gaming to his show to do an interview about gaming at YouTube. Here's a quick break down of the key points.

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Karlsh1001d ago

Seeing what Google Stadia offers, and what they are planning with their release, it won't be immediate. But they will take over this space (even though I couldn't care about it).

gtxgamer21001d ago

I doubt it, the way youtube treats their content creators I don't see this happening anytime soon

Double_O_Revan1001d ago

Exactly. The gaming section of YouTube has been one of the hardest areas hit during the past few years in terms of monetization. Plus copyright claims are a problem with certain companies and certain games.

AK911000d ago

Twitch is not better they ban users for the tiniest things, yet allow people they are friends with to stream regardless of consequences.

Knightofelemia1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

I doubt it will kill Twitch Youtube is like a copyright nazi when it comes to games. If one of your videos gets a copyright claim it's either banned in certain countries or it won't be allowed world wide.

Veneno1000d ago

That's kind of the point if you infringe on the work of other people.

BlackOni1000d ago

Their view of "infringement" is very different than other platforms.

Creating content based on a game for example, is considered in most circles derivative content, not stealing.

Veneno1000d ago

It all depends on the situation.

Knightofelemia1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )


Streaming a game on Youtube just to have a copyright claim on it because of the in game music is stupid. I use to stream to Youtube I played Spiderman got copyright claims because of in game music so I stopped and stuck with Twitch. If you play GTA with the radio on bang copyright claim on Youtube Twitch only mutes the game music from the radio if you have a VOD and pretty sure Mixer does the same as Twitch. Twitch will take down the music if a band like AC/DC files a copyright claim against that streamer using their music without permission.

slate911001d ago

Can't even play copyrighted music on your stream for Youtube. Twitch will mute small portions of your vods but you can still stream with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.