Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for May 2019 any good?

Carlos writes: "Whilst the year may be progressing faster than we can blink, and games seem to be arriving in the digital stores by the dozens each week, it has to be said that the start of any month is a time in which many Xbox players quietly look forward to. Sure you have all those exciting new releases as well, but more importantly, if you’re one of the millions of subscribers to Xbox Live Gold, you’ll be rubbing your hands together with the imminent arrival of fresh new titles at no extra cost. With May now upon us, that time is now, so without further ado, let’s take a look at this month’s Xbox Games With Gold freebies to see if the wait has been worthwhile!"

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Razzer544d ago

MS should retire GWG and divert those funds to improving Game Pass.

monkey602544d ago

It feels like they have a long time ago

darthv72544d ago

There are lots of games they can choose from and they only get to pick 4 so chances are there will be good months and bad months.

phoenixwing544d ago

to be honest if i were microsoft i would take the hit and combine gwg and game pass into one cheap fee. It would go a long way in good will from the community and also stick it to sony that they added value before sony copies the practice. If sony doesn't copy it it will be an extra perk of picking an xbox over a playstation. However, microsoft is so money hungry they won't see the point of it since it doesn't provide extra money in the short term.

phoenixwing544d ago

So they combined their streaming service with gold? I didnt know that they need better marketing

Atom666544d ago

They did, but the price is about $5 too high.

KnightNumber86544d ago

Isn’t it monthly though... I don’t want another monthly bill.

Vetgamer544d ago

Really? I like gold.. try out games I wouldn't normaly bother with. As for Microsoft just after cash not paid full price for gold in 5 years same for game pass in fact game pass cost me £1 for 3 months and gold for £26 for the year. What do you get with ps plus 2 games a month? Ps now £12.99 for mostly last gen games? Feel the hate heading my way🙄

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bluefox755544d ago

Or improving their first party titles.

TheSaint543d ago

This, been saying this since the start of the gen.

KillBill543d ago

Improving Game Pass? What about Game Pass needs improvement? Still getting numerous quality titles each month on Game Pass often even new released games and AAA games. Even got Monster Hunter World on Game Pass. Not seeing a need to improve on what we are getting so far with Game Pass.

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BrianOBlivion544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

Stop calling them "free" games. You are paying to access them.
Also, no, that's the crappiest lineup I've seen in a while.

Lon3wolf544d ago

You pay for online play/features not the games.

BrianOBlivion544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

No, YOU may pay for "online play/features" but others may not. The games are part of the package and I would not be paying for it otherwise. I have no interest in or use for "online play/features". I pay to access games. Same with PS Plus. Same with GamesPass.

544d ago
Lon3wolf544d ago


I'm not saying you pay for the online the people you are paying the money to say that, strange you cannot grasp that very simple concept.

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Lon3wolf544d ago

"No, YOU may pay for "online play/features" but others may not."


BrianOBlivion544d ago

Again, you are speaking for everyone.

Lon3wolf544d ago

"Again, you are speaking for everyone."

No I'm speaking for the service that you pay for which is online, if you choose just to get the FREE games out of it that is your choice.

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mch2011uk544d ago

This line up proves they want more people on the game pass.