Top 5 Games That Need to Go DS

"The DS represents a number of different things for different people. For some it has been a gateway for casual players. To Nintendo, it's likely synonymous with an ATM card, selling in quantities one would have once thought impossible for a handheld only a few years ago. One thing it undeniably is, is innovative. The simple addition of a touch screen has revolutionized the way we can play handheld games and has opened doors for types of gaming once believed beyond the capabilities of a portable console. With the portals open wide before us, it brings to question why many franchises haven't taken advantage of the DS's potential; TGR has a list of games that we think should."

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italianbreadman4028d ago

The DS is great, and these would definitely enhance the already awesome library.

ThePimpOfSound4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Definitely agree with X-Wing. Doom, though?

Also, whether the DS needs any more retro 2D remakes is up for debate.

ihaten4glol4028d ago

I'd like to see some of the Lunar games given a makeover for the DS. I love those games so much...

big shadow4028d ago

DOOM would be awesome on the DS

Sharpshell4028d ago

I think its highly over-rated especially when compared to the GBA and how great that was. All these ideas would result in making more of what is the bread and butter of the DS, interesting ideas but uninteresting games, however it wouldnt make the DS any closer to living up to its own overblown reputation.

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The story is too old to be commented.