Days Gone Should've Been Delayed one More Time

The post-apocalyptic title during its review period was mired with technical issues that have resulted in criticisms of a game which no longer exists.

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Hardiman1910d ago

It wouldn't have made a difference to the ones who already had their minds made up. A's I think is it looks great, runs great(I'm on the Pro) and the HDR in particular is incredibly well done. Go look at Just Cause 4 or even Red Dead 2 and compare the HDR.

Hell I'm having more fun with the gun play, melee and transversal in Days Gone than I did with Red Dead 2! The story not so much but it serves its point.

It's a fun game and most that have played it seem to say the same thing.

nucky641910d ago

hardiman, i couldn't agree more - i'm having a blast with the game - melee is SO fun and i love taking on the big hordes. then there is riding the bike looking for big jumps. hey, i said the same thing about RDR2 the other day!

Kornholic1909d ago

Days Gone's gameplay mechanics are miles ahead of RDR2's clunky gameplay mechanics from shooting to, well, everything. RDR2's story got interesting after the 5th chapter, Guarma chapter, which was a low point in the whole game.

-Foxtrot1910d ago

Journalists minds were already made up with this one, extra time wouldn’t have done it any favours

PhantomS421910d ago

What can you expect from this site? Sony gets a free pass for anything. This game is mediocre and games out in a somewhat broken state. The game is mediocre and the reviews are reflecting that. No amount of delays would have saved it from being another generic zombie game but the bugs and issues would have been avoided with even a month delay.

ninsigma1910d ago

You know when people haven't played it, because they call it mediocre 🙄

sprinterboy1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

It's not broken at all and it's also not getting a free pass that's why it's getting mainly 7s. Good game imo but just not the usual top tier AAA 1st party title we expect from a Sony studio (bare in mind its bends 1st attempt) bodes very well for the future of the studio if this was there 1st attempt imo.

Razzer1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Except you don't know what you are talking about. You can keep yapping this bullshit all you want, but the fact is you look like an idiot because you haven't played the game.

"What can you expect from this site?"

just laughing at the endless whining from folks like you about n4g. It is like you are trapped and can't leave! Good news! You actually can!

JackBNimble1910d ago

All you guys do the very something when it comes to mediocre xbox games. Actually you psfanboys are much worse, it's like a gang r*** .

Just saying

Razzer1910d ago


Oh really? Were you here defending Crackdown 3 from click bait reviews that were giving the game scores of 3 and 4? I certainly was. So no, you are factually incorrect and just making shit up. Move along now....

Z5011910d ago

"This game is mediocre"
Can we see your trophies?

JackBNimble1910d ago

You obviously have selective memory, it's the n4g way to jump on the hate train for pretty much anything xbox.
Who gives a shit if 1 ps4 exclusive gets mediocre metacritic score. Get over yourself .

rainslacker1909d ago

Sony releases a good game, gets good reviews. It's a free pass. Fan boys on the other side take any negative click bait review as proof their bias is correct, call out sony fand for giving Sony a free pass.

Media and some fan boys didn't give a free pass on cross play. Most Sony fans didn't care.

Sony isnt getting a free pass on censorship, although the feelings surrounding it are varied based on other beliefs, but oddly enough, the fan boys on the other side are not making a big deal about it. Which is probably good, because they always derail discussions to become stupid idiotic console war BS.

Sony releases a.average game, it gets some negative reviews, and the fan boys on the other side push this narrative that it's a bad game...so no free pass. Those that play it are left wondering why its scoring the way it is, because nothing supports a score less than 7. If you play the game, you'd be hard pressed to say what makes it worth less than that, and then be able to say why another similar game you do like deserves more.

The bugs and issues aren't as extensive as some of the reviews put forth, and certainly less and not as pronounced as other games which handily score 8-10s.


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sprinterboy1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

At the end of day its there loss, I've literally just unsubscribed from IGN and kinda funny games, Tim is clueless, Andrea over analysing (so much hate on the using binoculars and standing up) and as for Greg well in his head he thinks he's a celebrity now or something.
Edit: all you need to get a opinion on games is as follows;
- Sacred symbol, Colin moriarty
- Digital foundry, performance analysis
- Angry Joe

alb18991910d ago

Yep another day another article trying to justify a days gone......just on n4g.

NXFather1909d ago

So do you think this game is as good as spiderman or horizon or is it better?

-Foxtrot1909d ago

God of War
Persona 5
Uncharted 4
Ratchet and Clank


THEN Days Gone

So it's decent for what it is, it's...good

However it's not that good compared to everything else

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2pacalypsenow1910d ago

Wait so NOW technical issues matter?

They don't seem to matter when Fallout games come out with 500 bugs.

King_Noctis1910d ago

Really? And where do the 52% Metacritic score for Fallout 76 come from?


SamPao1910d ago

I think he means EVERY fallout game, not just 76... :)

1910d ago
King_Noctis1910d ago


So you are saying that you haven’t seen ton of articles before that criticize Fallout 4 for its buggy mess?

Razzer1910d ago


Fallout 4 has a metacritic of 87 which is exactly his point.

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NecrumOddBoy1910d ago

You can't patch in enough "woke" for IGN's Lucy O'Brien to be unbiased.

Silly gameAr1910d ago

Ugh. Another anti sjw rant incoming?

1910d ago
rainslacker1909d ago

Considering she likes to make a lot of reviews into some political diatribe, and down rates games because of it, she's kind of done it to herself.

She's one of those reviewers who believes the readers or gamers in general care about her opinions on political issues, or political issues on games which dont set out to tackle political issues in the first place.

If that's a rant, then so be it. She shouldn't be given games with male.protagonists to play, because she is too biased. She's a terrible reviewer to begin with, but giving her a platform for her drivel has only enabled her to think highly of herself. Consider she us one of the ones that perpetuated the idea that gamergate was about Male gamers harassing women, and it says all I need to know about her.

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Silly gameAr1910d ago

Good luck with the clickbait. Just hope not to many people fall for it.