Killzone 2 Box Art Revealed

The official European cover of Killzone 2 has finally been released to the public.

Credit url:
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C_SoL4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Oh man this game is gonna be so fukin awesome!!

Space Nazis FTW!! jk

aaron234032d ago

The GOD OF ALL SHOOTERS coming in February

LightningPS3PS34032d ago

I'm pretty sure the US boxart will be better, it usually is.

Lifendz4032d ago

just gorgeous. Guys, don't sweat how R2 stacks up to Gears 2. This is going to be the beast that sets the standard for nextgen graphics.

Foliage4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

A long time ago while quickly screwing around in Photoshop, I made up a Killzone 2 cover art of my own. You can see it attached.

Obviously if I had more time a lot of things could have been tweaked.

Edit: For some reason I can't attach an image, so you can see it here:

NaiNaiNai4032d ago

this game is literally the "only" reason im buying a ps3. no other.
*the only thing that would sell me more would be a FF7 remake*

MisfitSmurf4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

i liked the box art that ign had for killzone 2 better O:

Myze4032d ago


Hmm, while some US boxart is better, many, many are not. MGS4 is a recent example. Almost all RPGs have nice artwork on the cover in Japan and EU, but the US version has a CGI picture montage (I'm mainly thinking of the FF series) which is usually absolutely horrible in comparison. They do this because they think the American audience responds better to seeing actual game footage (CGI from the game), and won't buy a game with some random person's artwork on the front, even if the artwork looks 100x better. Anyway, that's what limited edition copies of games are for in the US I guess. ;)

NaiNaiNai4032d ago

LMFAO the fanboys gave me negatives for supporting a PS3 game and system. you guys really are crazy.

MisfitSmurf4031d ago

just cause you get disagreed on doesnt mean it was by a fanboy, you could of gotten it for the reason that you're only buying a ps3 for 1 game while there are plenty of other good exclusives (LBP, uncharted, Resistance, etc..) :/

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Shaka2K64032d ago

Damn those graphics cant be done on the last dvd 1.5.

elorm94032d ago

An awesome cover for an awesome game. Just wonder what the NA version will be like.

aaron234032d ago

the month isnt too far away

However i will enjoy LBP and Resistance 2 for the moment

MaximusPrime4032d ago

sorry folk. that boxart is not a final image...

Fishy Fingers4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

True, but how do you know it IS official? There's nothing at the link to suggest so. Only GG/Sony can say what's official or not. Although it is a sweet cover.

MaximusPrime4032d ago

something tells me that any boxarts that appears on sony website or other are not a finalize boxart. You just can't announce it as "official".

we need guerilla to show us the official boxart.

Macrike4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I can't link to the real source, but I can guarantee it's official. It's not the first time I publish exclusive stuff…

You can see the original here:

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air14032d ago

arent they still cutting features for this game that is supposed to be done?

PopEmUp4032d ago

attempted from the bot that have no life

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The story is too old to be commented.