Target Goes Clearance Crazy

Jeremy over at DigitalSomething tells us about his recent trip to Target:
"I just left the local Target, and I think the company is going a little crazy. I decided to check out the clearance electronics, and noticed the clearance video games. You would probably expect to find a few of the titles they had, but the rest of them are fairly recent titles with one of them not even being 2 months old."

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DixieNormS4032d ago

I picked up DBZ burst limit for 360. Crazy

God of Gaming4032d ago

Not really that great of deals to be honest... most of those games are cheap other places. The only one I would pick up is MLB The Show 08.. facebraker for 24? Not worth half of that.

Sitdown4031d ago

can you please share with us what non-auction style stores carry better prices? I have not find a store that that does clearances like Target...with regards to newer video games.

And this suck...all my surrounding Targets still have MLB 08 locked at $29.99.

madk4032d ago

Some good deals here

PS3Freak4032d ago

pure 12 dollars cheaper on the ps3? Cool.

Nicknasty4032d ago

PURE is awesome, graphics are incredible and gameplay is a blast. Ive had it for PS3 since day 1 and love it. Thats a great deal, i paid $53 for mine at Frys.

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