Team Sonic Racing: Why this Mario Kart rival could be the next best thing in karting - Daily Star

Sonic may be the underdog when it comes to kart racing games, but Sega and Sumo Digital's newest formula seems to have struck gold. Here's what you need to know.

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Pepin517d ago

I have faith that Sony can deliver 2x good Sonic games in a row - Sonic Mania and this paints a bright future! (just ignore the film)

Teflon02517d ago

I'm sure you meant to say SEGA right lol?
Or maybe Sumo?

Pepin517d ago

Lol, yes I meant Sega. Sony on the mind!

Razmiran517d ago

Forces came in the middle, so sadly iy is not in a row

darthv72517d ago

the film trailer looks like they meant to have fun with it and not be so serious about the material. I'd go see it as it does look funny.

-Foxtrot517d ago

Hollywood are never serious about source material to the games...that's why they all suck or are just scrapping average

Kosic516d ago

Have you seen the trailer for the film? That thing is hard to ignore. It's like a burning car wreck, it's not good to look at but insanely hard to look away.

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Teflon02517d ago

I have no worries. Both Racers before this were great and Transformed was AMAZING. It's hands down one of the best Kart racers or atleast genre styled racer. But I think CTR will be a bigger deal as CNK isn't as well known as CTR and alot of the younger audience doesn't even know CTR so it'll be a great introduction. I just think CTR should have kept the antigravity sections from Nitro Kart to show where it was from lol. But I plan on getting both, I'm actually hyped for them as a kart racing fan who thinks MK is just a really good all around kart racer

Pepin517d ago

I agree, I think MK is great but I always preferred CTR growing up and I'm really excited to see what Acti is doing with the remake after how decent Crash N Sane was!

Pleasantly surprised by Team Sonic Racing so far - let's hope the final product is as good as this looks!

timotim517d ago

This is the one I'm looking forward to the most.

lucian229517d ago

i demand sonic from the movie to be playable

517d ago
Xavi4K517d ago

well I may be one of the minority but Crash Team Racing is the best kart game of all times.

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