VG reviews Gears of War 2

Epic Games are among the best game developers in the world, and has sewn together a 100 percent quality experience purely technical and design.

"Gears of War 2" is a bawl end, a compromise resolved the entertainment monster.

It is insanely fun. And insanely good.

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Omega44027d ago

Another perfect score, and from a european site

Great game and a must play for all 6/6 FTW

Cheeky Gamer4027d ago

Out of 6? I've never seen that before.

GiantEnemyCrab4027d ago

Yeah, I got schooled in another thread like that. I guess Norway uses a dice style scoring system with 6 as the highest.

WhittO4027d ago

ye - how random lol, just use 10 or 100 !

GVON4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

I don't get that either,i prefer a scale of ten or 100.

TheIneffableBob4027d ago

Personally, I score out of Pineapple.

7 out of Pineapple being the lowest and Horseshoe out of Pineapple being the highest.

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pp4027d ago

Nice another PERFECT score.

mesh14027d ago

hahahah flopstance 2 has no chance against gears 2 the end of sony is coming i dont even bother posting on these sites anymore haha i already know 360 is in cruise controll i dont have to defend much HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Elvfam5114027d ago

wrong gen my friend remember to you xbox 360 owners its flopstation 3 not 2

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The story is too old to be commented.