SEGA refocuses on existing IPs, promises more PC ports

From Tweaktown: "SEGA didn't do too well in its FY2018 earnings. The company's yearly profits plummeted over 70% to $23.82 million, and its Road to 2020 roadmap of games earnings has fallen apart due to market miscalcuations, too many games in development, lack of sales performance, and game delays. As SEGA says, the plan "fell significantly below the initial plan due to deterioration of business environment and lack of hit titles."

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SegaGamer55d ago

I know it's a decade old now, but I would love to see Sonic Unleashed ported. The game's graphics still hold up well today, it would look really nice on the pc.

Vits55d ago

Honest I have no idea what is that they are going to port. Because other than Atlus titles, thre isn't much more on Sega catalog that would make sense to port over the PC.

Some old Sonic titles or Phantasy Star Nova would be nice though,

Sono42154d ago

Sonic Mania 2 and Sonic Adventure 3 please :)

JunMei54d ago

I actually liked that title too. Would Also be nice to see Sonic Colors released on another system.

phoenixwing55d ago

Would be cool if we got a sequel or remake of skies of arcadia

Fist4achin55d ago

They have a lot of good stuff to pull from.

Cris7tiano55d ago

A remaster and a sequel to Skies of Arcadia, please.

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The story is too old to be commented.