BingeGamer's The Bender Podcast - Episode 019

Allison and James are back this week, Mike loves Crazy Taxi, and all is right in the world. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

What we have been playing:
Mario Kart (Wii), Oblivion (PS3), Civilization IV, Knights of the Old Republic II (PC), Warcraft III (PC), Tetris Party (WiiWare), Tetris Splash (XBLA), Bomberman Live (XBLA), 1942 Joint Strike (XBLA), Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360), Hexic 2 (XBLA), Joust (XBLA), Portal: Still Alive (XBLA), Totemball (XBLA), Super Mario Galaxy (Wii), Beautiful Katamari (Xbox 360), Omega Five (XBLA)

Halloween Recap

The News:
Resistance 2: 420 Hours and Counting
Australians denied 18+ rating
Pikmin, Mario Tennis coming to Wii (OLD NEWS! Announced a month ago!)
Wii Music Commercial
Guitar Hero World Tour Commercial
Volition: PS3 Dev is Hard
Saints Row 3 is coming out (More OLD NEWS!)
Mercenaries 2 Sarah Palin / Barack playable
LE Porsche 360 Wheel FTW(L?)
Top Ten Games of 1999 discussion
The Beatles get their own music game

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