PS3 Fanboy-Street Fighter II HD submitted to Sony, target release date is this month

According to a post thread by Capcom forum moderator Christian Svensson, Super Street Fighter II Turbor HD Remix has already been submitted to Sony (to Microsoft too, for that matter) for approval. Their target release month is November, which means the game could potentially come out in a couple of weeks.

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Jamegohanssj55436d ago

After 10 years you all finally get it. Hope you enjoy it because I won't be buying it.


akumous5436d ago

I am tired of iterations of Street Fighter II - trust me Capcom has gotten me with all those anniversary collection games because I own all of them. I am not interested in SSF2 HD remix, I don't like the art direction, the old sprite models looks better despite their age and I am waiting for Street Fighter IV.

MY MONEY IS IMPATIENTLY WAITING FOR STREET FIGHTER IV, NOT THIS...STREET FIGHTER IV ALL THE WAY....if they only had release this a year ago I would have been remotely interested and compelled to try it out..but no no for me Capcom..

JonahFalcon5436d ago (Edited 5436d ago )

Um, it's also the Xbox 360 version, too.

"According to a post thread by Capcom forum moderator Christian Svensson, Super Street Fighter II Turbor HD Remix has already been submitted to Sony (to Microsoft too, for that matter) for approval."

Kyur4ThePain5436d ago

This is the PS3 section.
Go post that in the 360 section, 'k?

Cenobia5436d ago

It is a multi-platform game, so that is easily assumed. It's just from PS3fanboy.com, which is why it focuses on the PS3 and is in the PS3 section.


The Scientifically Proven Best Video Games of All Time #14: Street Fighter II

Warp Zoned writes:

"Street Fighter II: The World Warrior wasn’t the first fighting game ever released, but it single-handedly helped shape the genre for decades to come."

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Kurdishcurse2309d ago

Pffft. What desperate articles

iofhua2309d ago

I played street fighter 2 for years on my SNES even after I got my N64. It was just relaxing the way you could beat the snot out of such iconic characters.


Persona 5, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD & Virtua Fighter 5 are almost playable on RPCS3

Great news for all PS3 fans (blasphemyyyyyyyy, how can a PC gaming site talk about PS3 fans, how, HOW, HOOOOOOWWWWW) as RPCS3 is making a lot of progress. Since the launch of a Patreon campaign, its author has been working hard on it and it appears that its latest version can run a couple of games.

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zivtheawesome2363d ago

well it's not almost playable but very interesting. probably like a year or 2 from being fully playable

mikeslemonade2362d ago

So much hassle to play subpar performance. Just buy a PS3 and the game.


Humble Capcom Playstation Bundle Nearing End Date

Carl Williams writes, "If you are reading this then you are probably a fan of retro games. Just taking a stab in the dark there. Well, we just found out that Capcom, one of the better retro supporting companies out there, has this package with Humble Bundle full of Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 games. You better hurry and grab this one because time is running out."

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zeal0us2574d ago

If they had more PS4 games I would've taken advantage of this.

triverse2573d ago

I have to agree. I wish companies would do more porting of their previous digital only games such as Final Fight Double Impact over to the PS4. I want to get a Playstation but 3 seems on the way out and 4 is still too new for a lot of what I am interested in.

NapalmSanctuary2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I wish they would port their full classic line brawlers from the 90s. Man, they made some good games back then.

triverse2573d ago

Napalm, check out their PSP Reloaded and Remixed collections. Great value for the money and full of their core retro games. I am not sure what consoles they released those collections on but I am sure PS3 and Xbox 360 were in there.

just-joe2573d ago

Or say if the PS4 was backwards compatible.

triverse2573d ago

Well, we know that is not going to happen anytime soon, at least not till people stop buying PS3 games and such. Sad. I wish it was backwards compatible too- I would buy a PS4 immediately if it worked with at least the digital stuff from the PS3.

DivineAssault 2573d ago

I wish Sony would get the licenses for all the classic arcade games from the 80s and 90s for the PS4.. I dont see why they wouldnt want to make money? I miss those brawlers like xmen, tmnt, etc.. So many great games people are forced to play on mame

triverse2573d ago

The problem with that idea is that a lot of those companies are now defunct and no one really knows who owns the rights to what game. Then in cases like X-Men, it is multiple companies involved (the engine would be Konami's while the actual X-Men license would be Marvel's) and sometimes none of the companies involved are interested in working together again for whatever reason.

I wish it would happen too though.