New Death Stranding Trailer Possibly Teased by Hideo Kojima (And a Small Mystery)

Legendary Metal Gear Solid creator loves to tease, and considering the secrecy surrounding his upcoming new game Death Stranding, teasing is the name of the game.

Funnily, he deleted the original tweet and reposted it showing a little less.

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Brash48d ago

Who else is not excited anymore?

Nacho_Z48d ago

I was never excited exactly because what we've seen has been too vague and surreal for that but all the coyness is a bit tiresome.

I'm still intrigued by it though, more interesting than the usual stuff churned out.

sprinterboy48d ago

Looking fwd too it tbh, but I know what you mean. Personally I think gamers will either love or hate the game, they'll be no Imbetween but tbh that's kinda always been the case anyway with kojima.

PlayableGamez-48d ago

I am a huge Metal Gear fan and even I am losing hype for DS. I am not feeling this type of Marketing Kojima Productions is doing for Death Stranding as it is not informing us about the game.

Thundercat7748d ago

If you really was a metal gear fan, you would know how Kojima do things by now and you would still be exited.

PlayableGamez-48d ago

DS isn't metal gear.
Until I see Gameplay, I don't really feel hyped for DS.

stefan_77148d ago

I was never excited. Only because I have no idea what this is

Thundercat7748d ago

Those who doesn't know Kojima's work.

rebeljoe1448d ago

Put things into perspective, he showed vaguely small amounts of the game knowing it’ll get less hype but that probably means the game is so damn good that he has to keep all of under wraps so people can enjoy it fresh and it’ll probably blow their minds

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Thundercat7748d ago

I am super exited only because I am a fan of Kojima and his work which is enough for me to trust him.