It’s Time For a New Blue Dragon

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "...while it definitely didn’t get the quantity of games the other systems got it did get to boast a few stellar hits with one in particular that’s long due for a comeback."

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HTFY1313d ago

This was one if my favorite games in the 360. Definitely needs a sequel.

Godmars2901313d ago

Long past due for another game from a series MS put tons of supports and advertising behind, which included an anime series.

Thing is did they or Mistwalker see enough or any return on it after putting it on a system that really didn't target the JRPG audience?

HexxedAvenger1313d ago

lets get this remade and a sequel please lol

SegaGamer1313d ago

It doesn't need a remake and we already had a sequel, it was released on the DS.

AK911313d ago

I honestly never got into the game if they ever do make a sequel they should make one with a completely new cast of characters, setting and story. The original protagonists were a big turn off for me.