ITavisen reviews Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2 is as expected. Larger, meaner and better.
There is no reason to not buy the Gears of War 2 if you are hungry for the slaughter Locust on creative ways.
And no, they do not resolve the threads tied up, so we dare betting that the Gears of War 3 is on the horizon. Moro. Fun.

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aaron234027d ago

It will average at 90% when all reviews are in

fufotrufo4027d ago

hahahahaha poor nasim!! GEtting ownedd all day!!!!!

GiantEnemyCrab4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

That's right Nasim you keep on changing the goal posts..

Now that R2 isn't challenging Gears2 you are on about LBP. I think I'm going to coin the phrase "the LBP defense".

PS3 Fishead: "Oh no, are game isn't doing good, quick! use the LBP defense".

hahaha.. So by your rational GTA IV is the greatest game ever and to think the 360 gets all kinds of exclusive DLC. Sweeet!

EDIT: 1.3: Fable 2 is AAA and the sooner you come to grips the better because you are making yourself look like an even bigger fool.

aaron234027d ago


92 at n4g meta

will be around 90% at meta when all reviews are in

FLop box 360 has one AAA for the whole year

Fable 2 is no longer AAA --89% at meta

motherfuccer and ffuccbox 360

GiantEnemyCrab4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

lol.. 5 out of 6??

WTF? I've heard of 5/5 but 5/6 just seems even more confusing.

EDIT: Thanks Forgotten, I've never seen it before and I learned something new today. As long as it makes sense to their audience then that is great.

TheForgotten0ne4027d ago

In Norway we use a dice system. All reviews is from 1 to 6. Movies, Music, Games, you name it. Not sure why we use it. But we do :)

aaron234027d ago

thats 85% for you
most european reviewers will give it 8 or something like that

Omega44027d ago

Its a shame those EU sites dont count towards Gears' metacrtic score as it could get a better variety of scores instead of just those 9s and 10s

Why o why4027d ago

uve just unintentionally explained why metacritic is fundamentally FLAWED, nice 1 and bubbles....................not

mikeslemonade4027d ago

I've seen dumber review scales. ...Oh i think im going to rate this game a 11 out of 13.5... Come on stop being so stupid!

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fufotrufo4027d ago

hahahaha bubub gears is not better than resistance!!

-Gears reviews are in

bububub gears is not better than MGS4

-More Gears reviews in

bubububu gears its not better than LBP

-More Gears reviews in

bubububub its not better than GTA


nasim!! Gold! Comedian of the year!!!

aaron234027d ago

R2 also has an average of 9 at meta

Fable 2 has flopped --89% at meta

Gears2 will average at 90% when all reviews are in

fufotrufo4027d ago

But but but LBP>>>>>>> ;>>all games on x360????



O W N E D !!! YET AGAIN!!!

aaron234027d ago

LBP has 45 reviews

Gears 2 got 8.9 from IGN au which hasnt been added

IGN UK gave it 9.2 which hasnt been added

As more reviews are in it will drop to 90%

Gam714027d ago

What was that nasim?
Didn't quite catch it first time round.

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fufotrufo4027d ago

even more sad....The Gears article that says :

Gears gets all A's

Nasim went and reported it .because IGN AU gave it an 8.9!!!!!

hahahahahahha pathetic POS!!!!

bububub an 8.9!! thats lower than a 9!!!!



GiantEnemyCrab4027d ago

I saw that and it's very pathetic.

aaron234027d ago

when all reviews are in

Deviant4027d ago

GTFO tard
u were one of the fanboys who approved the G2 vs R2 meta sh*t

pp4027d ago

Thats about right bring in LBP because everyone knows by now Resistance 2 doesn't stand a chance.

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The story is too old to be commented.