More Go! Go! Kokopolo Titbits

From "Webb describes his project as Pac-Man, but with the simple chase mechanic reversed. Our anti-hero, Kokopolo, will run up to a pacifistic in-game 'enemy' (a few mentioned in the article included the ghostly Ponoporuu, the lettuce-like Merriket, and Sacratops, a 'giant enemy crab' boss) and scratch them, thus provoking a chase. The enemies become deadly to the touch, and Kokopolo must run to survive. The player's score will be higher if they can get a massive conga line of beasties baying for their blood.

Webb also revealed that the possibility is there for a two-player versus mode, as he created a sidekick for Kokopolo - the sedate Tatsumo. Tatsumo is based on the African okapi, a giraffe-zebra hybrid, and his sprite will be around the same size as Kokopolo so that neither player is limited by a handicap."

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