Windows 7 leaked to pirates

A fuel fresh issue of a pre-beta version of Windows 7 has ended up in the pirate's hands.

It is the well-known Windows Network WinBeta that have made Windows 7 available for curious pirates. Filstørrelsen er på 3.6GB pakket. The file size of 3.6GB packed.

Already in January was a very early version of Windows 7 leaked to the web. Denne gang var det ingen som var særlig imponerte, da mange av de store endringene enda ikke var implementert. This time, there was no one who was particularly impressed when many of the big changes were not yet implemented.

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Rofflecopter4028d ago

very fast, but then again fallout3 and other games coming out before launch is fast too..

anyways, i wonder how much my computer will suffer with W7 running..

pwnsause4029d ago

well someone is going to get fired for that.

TheIneffableBob4028d ago

Build 6081 was distributed to the press and I believe is available on MSDN. A leak was inevitable and I'm sure Microsoft knew it.

4028d ago
theEnemy4028d ago

Pirates = Beta Testers


moja4028d ago

Hah! You had me laugh out loud on that one.

ThanatosDMC4028d ago

Check out the youtube vids. It reminds me of Mac's OS.

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The story is too old to be commented.