Heads Up: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey and More of the Best Switch Game Deals

Some of Nintendo's biggest first-party Switch games have been marked down 17% or more. While Switch game deals have been excellent lately, it's been a while since Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, two absolute must-have Switch games, have seen a decent price drop. Not only are they on sale, but you can get them in their "starter pack" versions, which include the game and a bonus strategy guide.

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iplay1up2822d ago

Both of those games, with the new patch load MUCH faster. They overclocked the Switch during load times, so these games load almost 2xs faster.

TheGamez100821d ago

What a "sale" it is. Smh nintendo, so after about 2 years, only $10 off and for a limited time lol. Well I guess the good thing is that you can resell their games at a high price.

colins821d ago

I agree, it's not much, and other than their "Christmas" bundle, there hasn't been much. So anything at this point is Godsend lol.