Damnation Q&A: GameZone Learns Why They Call It The "Shooter Gone Vertical"

GameZone writes: "'One of our goals from the very start was to make sure that the player was never in the same sort of environment for more than one hour at a time and that a major thematic change occurred every three hours.'

There are a lot of shooters in the world – too many, perhaps. Many try to copy (PR lingo: "re-create") the experience of Halo or Gears of War. But what we end up with as gamers, and overall as an industry, is less of a reason to be excited when a new shooter is announced.

That's why it's so refreshing to see a game like Damnation, which, if nothing else, aims to impress gamers on a different level. Wanting to know exactly what that level might be – and find out what this "shooter gone vertical" hype is all about – GameZone turned to Jacob Minkoff, Damnation's Lead Designer and Katie McNamara, PA/PR."

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