5 Japanese games still exclusive to Xbox consoles

Jahanzeb writes: "There was a time when Microsoft pursued the Japanese market with optimistic vigour, and although they could barely forge a market share, Xbox enthusiasts were better off for having a pretty enviable selection of exclusives, many which have now become valuable collectibles.

Granted, while a lot of these games have since been ported to PlayStation systems (and understandably so, how else were they meant to break-even?), here are five Japanese developed games which still remain exclusive to Xbox consoles and are worth having in any collection."

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TheColbertinator1319d ago

Back in the Xbox days there was an exclusive game from Atlus called Shin Megami Tensei Nine. Always wanted to play it but the game never released in the west.

shuvam091319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

No mention of From materpieces like Otogi, Tenchu and Ninja Blade either...

Spurg1319d ago

Microsoft had a good relationship with From Software.....time to rejuvenate that relationship

Casepb1318d ago

Haha, Ninja Blade was such a shit show mess of a game.

AK911318d ago

Holy sh*t Otogi that game was rad back in the day I’d love play that on my X

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DVAcme1319d ago

@Spurg Doubtful. FromSoftware multiplatform games already come out on MS platforms, and they're not gonna make exclusive deals with them again to avoid lost sales in Japan. Not to mention that Japanese companies are probably gun-shy at making exclusive deals with Microsoft after the Scalebound fiasco.

gam3r_4_lif31318d ago

Why Platinum took MS money for years and used it to make other games not called scalebound. MS had to pullbthe plug eventually. If anything Japanese devs look to MS as a funding source

TheHan1318d ago

If their so worried about the Japanese market than they will never make the kind of money they should. This will be a set back till they change

Fist4achin1319d ago

How about bringing up a remastered edition of these games?

Imortus_san1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Panzer Dragoon Orta render at "4k" on Xbox One X, look's better then many remasters.

Atom6661319d ago

Blue Dragon is BC too.

PD: Orta looks great enhanced. Saga is the one that needs a remaster.

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capjacksparrow1319d ago

I was super excited to play Blue Dragon back in the day since I loved Dragon Quest VIII so much. Bought an Xbox 360 for Blue Dragon, Fable 2, Bioshock, and Mass Effect. I played about 5-6 games on my 360 and it died 3 times. The last time I checked is when I pulled it out to play Jade Empire (which I wish they would remake or make a sequel to). Man, that hardware sucked.

Outlawzz1318d ago

Yup my Xbox 360 finally got the rrod one day and I never fixed it or replaced it, I was already prepared for it, it was inevitable lol

1318d ago
BlaqMagiq11318d ago

Blue Dragon needs a remaster yesterday

1318d ago
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